Egyptian Revolution Continues

Remember, ‘the fish rots from the head’.

(Just look at America…)

The current headlines on Drudge:

Click for link to 'USA Secretly Backs Uprising'

Livestreaming video from Al Jazeera English Channel

By Logistics Monster


  • ok, ayers and dorhn have been in egypt, muslim brotherhood no doubt. Mubarak just ‘killed the switch’ on internet and phone…a dry run for Obama?

    • Practical Madman -

      You bet ya it’s a trial run. THEY have to make sure the plan is well tweaked before THEY unleash it on the USA. The “kill switch” has been in place from the inception of the internet and THEY will use it when THEY see fit.

      The greatest revelation in what is happening in Egypt is the fact that the police have abandoned their posts and joined the people, so now the army is called out to fight the people AND the police. The army is also comprised of the people, so the beta test being run is to see how many of the army will desert and join the people. This is one of the greatest unknown for the powers that want to be, and THEIR Achilles heel. If the army starts to turn on them and desert, you can bet weapons will be taken along to be turned against the powers. Very interesting times to be alive.

      Will enough of a percentage of the soldiers awaken in time to realize that they are the people? Will they refuse orders and come to the side of their own or continue to carry out the evil intentions of the “elite” as ordered? The police seem to be showing the way.

  • I mean what’s up with Egypt and oblowhard supporting the rioters? Are they trying to turn it into an Islamofascist country? NWO?
    There’s more here that meets the eye.

    • I happened across a documentary on the history channel last night titled Prophets of Doom. Mike Murdoch was one of 6 giving their points of view.

      Each had their own area of concern, it was 2 hours and if a person watching had no knowledge of what has been going they were given much to think about. I was surprised that something this direct was on TV. Maybe a glimmer of hope.

  • Leaping Spark -

    It is not surprising that Obama supports the Marxist backed Islamic Brotherhood. Most of us realize that his loyalties lie with the radical Muslims and not America.

    By design the Middle East will be the first to fall, Europe will follow and then their sights will be set on the greatest prize of all, America.

    Unfortunately most Americans are to naive to realize that the Marxist and Muslims are already here and just waiting for a signal to start the revolution on American soil.

    Hang on patriots, it could get rough!

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