Let’s Make This The Next Big Fight; Patriot Act Extension

Constitutional conservatives and Tea Party Patriots have an opportunity arriving soon to change the course of the nation yet again by making your feelings KNOWN to your representatives when it comes to extending provisions of the (fascist) Patriot Act which was passed unread, by a progressive congress, and signed by a globalist president. Even though I disagree with Dennis Kucinich often, as a close friend of mine has said in the past, ‘even a clock is right twice a day’, and continuing to allow this government this kind of power is absolute insanity.  Here is one of those ‘line in the sand’ opportunities that we must not allow to pass us by.

As the judge states in this segment, the FBI is allowed to write their own search warrants and those Americans so served may not tell anybody about the warrant or face prosecution. The Patriot Act also allows indefinite detention without charges, and access to any of your personal records because you may possibly commit a terrorist act at some point in the future. Anybody want to guess how big the Monster’s file with DHS is now?

Rep. Dennis Kucinich on the Patriot Act

H.R. 67: To extend expiring provisions of the USA PATRIOT Improvement and Reauthorization Act of 2005 and Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 until February 29, 2012.

By Logistics Monster


  • red lemur -

    oh my god ………repeal an act that is clearly meant to usurpe the Constitution?gosh then you’ll want the TRUTH about 911,or maybe the reveal on the birth cert.or mabey uncover the FACTS about the anthrax?????????yes I say it proudly, fuck them ,I want the truth,what a terrible thing?

    • I wonder,do most conservatives believe the ”Patriate” Act is in fact a patriotic peice of legislation,simply because it carrys the title of Patriate Act ? As some on the left are aware,the conservative right as of late, has made the ludicrace claim that the Nazi’s of Germany were in fact liberal Socialists.Their claim of course rests upon the fact that the Nazis refered to themselves as ”nationalist socialists.” So conservatives,are you beginning to understand that corrupt governments,along with the corrupt private powers whom use those governments as tools,very often describe themselves faticiously in order that they may capture the loyalty of ceartain sectors of an otherwise indifferent public ? As most of my readers already know,I am refering to a very common form of ”propaganda”. Conservatives,for sure, are familiar with the concept of propaganda since in fact, the practice it very frequently with their accusations that those on the left,habitualy engage in the act of propaganda.

  • If kindness or helpfulness is in any way forced, it becomes insincere…We must constantly examine our own lives to insure that proper actions are produced by proper motives. Knowing that, just what is the motive behind this Act, to insure your Constitutionally given sovereign rights? No it sure isn’t.
    But when this Act is in addition to other regulations, like from DHS, well then you have the new world order of “brown shirts”, and this generation will have only Evil at the front door of your life.

    Today if this administration has any integrity it should be based on its core values, which are the beliefs you live you live by, and if these values remove your individual sovereignty, then it has NO core values, it has NO integrity, and you are their Serf and Slave. Just because they have already labeled you one.

    • John,what does helpfullness and kindness have to do with the unpatriotic patriate act ?

      Where in the constitution does it say that as individuals we possess the right of soverighnty? Soverighnty is a status that is reserved for nation states,it can not sensibly be applied to individuals living amongst other individuals,who have every right to have ceartain cherished freedoms protected by law.A soverighin individual would be a person who in every case reserved the right to disregard any or all laws made by a legislative body,regardless of the effect of doing so upon others.Individuals ,John,do not have such a right.If individuals had such a right,civillized society could not exist.
      I would also like to remind you John,that cultures and individuals can harbor ”core values”that,to say the least,are not very desirible.Consider if you will the core values held by the individuals within the more radical islamic cultures.It is possible to harbor negative values,thus also have a harmfull, negative sense of integrity.
      Finaly John,you, like most conservatives,”and many liberals”are rightfully angry at our government due to its many shortcomings and failures.Having said this,conservatives more so than liberals,have a tendacy to overlook the fact that there are powerfull tremendously corrupt private individuals and institutions that are responcible for this corruption,and in fact, these individuals and institutions are using what is supposed to be the peoples government, as a tool to achieve their own corrupt purposes.I will further argue, that it is not this administration,nor government, per sey that views us as slaves and serfs,but rather the corrupt and insanely powerfull private enities that have hijacked our government.As a conservative this may be hard for you to swallow,but please just do a small amount of research and you will find this to be the case.”CROOKS AND LIARS.COM”is a great site to start your research at.Please,do the research !
      Have you ever not thought it kind of strange John,that the corporate elite and most conservatives, blame ”big government” regulation for so many jobs being outsourced overseas,even as the corporations complaining about the ”excessive”regulation are moving to totalitarian nations like China !? Think about it John !

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