SOTU Speech 2011, The GOP Response, And The Tea Party Response

pResident Barry Soetoro:

(…and yes, I will have remarks after I read the transcript. You don’t seriously think I’m going to listen to him?)

The GOP’s Response from Paul Ryan:

The Tea Party’s Response from Michele Bachmann:

(…and isn’t that a lovely thing…a third opinion.)

5 thoughts on “SOTU Speech 2011, The GOP Response, And The Tea Party Response”

  1. I can’t watch the bogus potus; I just can’t without the bile coming up. Rand & Michelle…we shall see.

    I am not in a trusting mood with any of the conspirators at this time.

  2. Well, after a few strong drinks, I watch the “Nobama comedy hour”, and notice that his words “Invest” really mean “SPEND”. other than that, this idiot has NO substance, and just blew more smoke up Americas ass.

  3. Obama is a fraud and a liar. If his mouth is moving, he is lying. Obama is merely dancing to the tune of his NWO and communist puppet masters. It was a definite WTF speech, boring and deceitful as they always are when he is reading from his teleprompter.

    Ryan and Bachman seem to be on the same page, as far pretending not to be communist leaning Statist, but I don’t trust them either. They are all slimy politicians with the same hidden agenda of robbing the American people of all of their wealth and all of their freedoms.

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