Frank Luntz Focus Group Response To The 2011 SOTU

Frank Luntz being interviewed by Sean Hannity about his Atlanta focus group’s response to Obama’s 2011 SOTU speech.  The majority of the group feels that Obama ‘fell short’ of their expectations…imagine that.  2011: The Year Of The Awakening.

3 thoughts on “Frank Luntz Focus Group Response To The 2011 SOTU”

  1. gee it smells like i dropped something?oops a little bullshit just hit the ground again oh aint that a surprise!!!oh an it,s a stinky pile too!
    hey anyone got a shovel?

  2. Anyone who expects anything real, salient or legal out of that pathetic excuse for a pResident is living in dream land. It is difficult to understand why anyone would *expect* anything but the usual stream of lies and doubletalk spewing from those teleprompTers.

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