AYFKM?: Gingrich Leads Straw Poll On Townhall.com?

I just cruised over to TheRightScoop to check out an Allen West video and I found this Google Ad from Townhall.com:

Townhall.com Presidential Straw Poll, 1.22.2011

If that many people think that Newt Gingrich is a viable GOP candidate to help steer America back in the right direction in 2012, we have already gone off the cliff and are speeding to our deaths.

I’m dragging this post out of the vault (8.7.2010) for those that don’t understand that good ‘ole Newty-boy is working for the other side:

The Real Newt Gingrich, New World Order Globalist

For this wisdom, above all, I thank Mr. Jefferson who helped create the system that served us so well for so long, and that now must, in its turn, die and be replaced.Alvin Toffler, The Third Wave (From Newt Gingrich’s recommended reading list for congressmen while he was Speaker.)

A little history lesson about CFR member Newt Gingrich which will show why Constitutional conservatives should not support this globalist RINO as he makes a mad dash for the White House.

The following video is from John McManus, president of the John Birch society, who gave a speech in 1996 which details the positions and votes of Newt Gingrich showing him to have been deeply involved with trading away America’s sovereignty to institutions of the United Nations. Mr. Gingrich also was instrumental in assisting Dr. Ron Paul’s opponent in the 1996 congressional race in hopes of keeping Dr. Paul from returning to congress. What can we expect in the future? (P.S. Newt loves FDR and Woodrow Wilson; 22:00)

The Real Newt Gingrich from Frank on Vimeo.

Richard N. Hardin’s 1974 CFR report (22 pages – pay attention to page 560, items #4 thru #10).

The Hard Road to World Order

By Logistics Monster


  • Gee I wonder who was voting in this poll, anybody on the right that has been paying attention knows who this critter is. Seems the left would have a interest in Newt being the candidate but the right is going to have to pass the same smell test as the left, they are all the same and more and more Americans are waking up to that fact.

  • red lemur -

    its’ the new dance sensation ….first you swing way to the left….then you swing wayyyyyyyyy………….. to the right!!!!!!!!!! you put your head in the sand then you cry all night! see it’s kinda like hokey pokey only its not!

  • Leaping Spark -

    Patriots, whether we like it or not the Republican party is going to run another sure loser in 2012. It will probably be Romney or Gingrich. Obama and the MSM will destroy Romney because of his religion and lack of personality and then destroy Gingrich with his past history. The Republican party knows this will happen in 2012, giving them another four years of complaining about Obama, while covertly helping him shove the NWO, and communism down our throats.

    We be so screwed!

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