Day: January 22, 2011

Herman Cain, Bill Clinton, And Hillarycare

The Daily Caller pulled this eight minute clip of Herman Cain, then CEO of Godfather's Pizza, challenging Bill Clinton on Hillarycare. Herman Cain versus Bill Clinton on Hillarycare, 1994 Cain has been cited as one of the primary "saboteurs" of the 1993/1994 health care plan of President Bill Clinton and then-First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton: The Clintons would later blame "Harry and Louise," the fictional couple in the ads aired by the insurance industry, for undermining health reform. But the real saboteurs are named Herman and John. Herman Cain is the president of Godfather's Pizza and president-elect of the National…
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AYFKM?: Gingrich Leads Straw Poll On

I just cruised over to TheRightScoop to check out an Allen West video and I found this Google Ad from If that many people think that Newt Gingrich is a viable GOP candidate to help steer America back in the right direction in 2012, we have already gone off the cliff and are speeding to our deaths. I'm dragging this post out of the vault (8.7.2010) for those that don't understand that good 'ole Newty-boy is working for the other side: The Real Newt Gingrich, New World Order Globalist For this wisdom, above all, I thank Mr. Jefferson who…
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Keith Olbermann Exits Abruptly….None Too Soon

Hey Keith? HALLE-FRICKIN'-LUJAH!!!! Keith Olbermann is no longer with MSNBC, and used the last segment of his show today to tell his viewers that he was signing off.  A spokesman for MSNBC stated that Olbermann's abrupt exit had nothing to do with the Comcast deal with NBC Universal, but it does appear to be more the corporation's idea than Keith's as he still has two years left on his contract. How good is that news? I am so sick of Keith Olbermann's unbalanced 'spin' on reality.  This is the most joyous news since 11.2.2010! Keith Olbermann Resigns from "Countdown" on…
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