Glenn Beck, 1.17.2011 to 1.19.2011

Monday, 1.17.2011, ‘Looking Evil In The Eye’:

Tuesday, 1.18.2011, White House rolling out the red carpet for our new landlord – China while the MSM is talking about ‘dangerous rhetoric’:

Wednesday, 1.19.2011, ‘Words We Shouldn’t Say’ while Obama is selling us out to the Chinese.  Pay attention at the five minute mark for a good laugh.

(A special thanks to CaptAmerica for continuing to put up this show length vids!)

By Logistics Monster

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  • red lemur -

    cant recall his name but 2 years ago 1 of the richest guys in America moved to tai wan with his family they are learning mandrin moved their money and business there?Gee ya think he knows something were ignoring(thats stareing us in the face!)For all of you accquainted with red lemur humor be looking for musical rendition of my feelings on this a sooooooooooooo important subject!

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