BREAKING NEWS: Herman Cain Announces Presidential Exploratory Committee (UPDATED: VIDEO)

Herman Cain has just announced on Neil Cavuto’s ‘Your World’ that he is forming a presidential exploratory committee to see whether there is enough support and financial backing for a run at the White House.

Video to follow!!!!

By Logistics Monster


  • Grail Guardian -

    This is what we need – a full field of truly viable candidates running against the liberals and the Cocktail Party republicans.
    Give America a real choice, and a couple serious contenders that are not afraid of the media mud bath they’ll undoubtedly receive more support than the LSM says we’re supposed to give them.

    Now if we could just convince some of them not to run as R’s or D’s…

  • With the exception of Allen West no Balck person will get elected after this bozo who is acting as potus.

  • Leaping Spark -

    The Republican party will probably run the worst possible candidate again as they did in 2008 ( McCain) insuring another four years of Obama.

    Then they can sit back and be self righteous about blaming our fall into the slavery of Communism on the Democrats. Believe me folks the majority of politicians in DC are corrupt bastards and are all marching to the tune of the NWO as it tries to unite the world under the iron fist of Communism.

    Cain, West, Romney, Huckabee, Palin, Trump, and Jindal will talk the talk to the people, hoping to secure their votes but in the end they will either lose to Obama or accept their communist masters.

    Most of are liberty and freedoms have already been lost and regardless who is elected president in 2012 they will take the rest.

    When my grand children ask me what happened to American, I guess I will have to tell them that America has become what it is, because we did nothing!

  • Trent Marsh -

    As a realist, I sadly must say that the statement by “leaping Spark” (above), is on the mark, based on recent history.
    Clearly, far too many citizens make critical, political choices based upon which candidate “tickles their ears” the best; neglecting to check facts.
    The current charlatan in the catbird seat is proof-positive of that.

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