I just spoke with Dr. Kate about her wrongful termination and she has given me a few details to release to the general public.  She has also promised the exclusive story to the Monster as soon as she is in a position to do so.

Dr. Kate is in good health but is very concerned for her own safety, the safety of her family, and for persons that are close to this event.  She is asking for all patriots to send prayers to her and all persons involved.  She also states that she is pursuing wrongful termination litigation as she was not ‘fired’ but terminated on an excuse.  She has knowledge from a credible source that she was targeted and that her career is over, but is not releasing specific details so as to protect people close to the situation.  She states that if anything happens to her, her family or anyone involved in this situation, every single piece of information she has will be released.

Dr. Kate is currently leaving “indian country”, and will be in another state in just a few days.  She asks for your prayers for a safe journey, and I will be checking in with her daily to make sure the trip is progressing as planned.

On a personal note, I believe the powers that be just made, yet another, huge mistake by ending Dr. Kate’s career; forcing her into a more mundane employment situation, and freeing her time up to pursue the very issue that got her ‘wrongfully terminated’.  Stupid, stupid, stupid…

2011:  The Year Of The Awakening

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