Dr. Kate Wrongful Termination Update, 1.6.2011

I just spoke with Dr. Kate about her wrongful termination and she has given me a few details to release to the general public.  She has also promised the exclusive story to the Monster as soon as she is in a position to do so.

Dr. Kate is in good health but is very concerned for her own safety, the safety of her family, and for persons that are close to this event.  She is asking for all patriots to send prayers to her and all persons involved.  She also states that she is pursuing wrongful termination litigation as she was not ‘fired’ but terminated on an excuse.  She has knowledge from a credible source that she was targeted and that her career is over, but is not releasing specific details so as to protect people close to the situation.  She states that if anything happens to her, her family or anyone involved in this situation, every single piece of information she has will be released.

Dr. Kate is currently leaving “indian country”, and will be in another state in just a few days.  She asks for your prayers for a safe journey, and I will be checking in with her daily to make sure the trip is progressing as planned.

On a personal note, I believe the powers that be just made, yet another, huge mistake by ending Dr. Kate’s career; forcing her into a more mundane employment situation, and freeing her time up to pursue the very issue that got her ‘wrongfully terminated’.  Stupid, stupid, stupid…

2011:  The Year Of The Awakening

P.S. Imagine that? As soon as I put up this post, my site goes sideways…

By Logistics Monster


  • Diamond, for some time now, I have had problems reaching your site, and since I am not too well versed in computers, I just figured I was doing something wrong. But lately, after I reach the site, the posts go all over the screen, sideways, half blank and cut in two. Sometimes nothing goes wrong and I can get perfect reception.

    I am still stunned that tptb went to the lengths that they did with DR. Kate. Is this the treatment we are all going to get if we dare to express our true opinions?

    I will pray for Dr.Kate and her family and hope that everybody learns this story, because it could happen to any one of us.

    Some little while back when my computer blew out, I felt it was caused by an outside source because I was on a particular rant at that time. I was without my computer for a couple of months and the technician never did find the cause of the trouble. Just that a couple of parts were completely burned out. The computer was barely a year old, and my security service had been notifying me that there were numerous attempted intrusions, so I felt there was sometning fishy going on, but I couldn’t prove it. But I will never be convinced that there wasn’t some interference from some one with a lot of internet power.

    Perhaps it is felt that if we are frightened enough, or if enough people are punished, we will cease and desist. This might work for a short while, but eventually this tactic will do nothing but make us more determined.

    Remember I told you to watch your back? We’re dealing with some mighty nasty people here.

    • Sleeping with one eye open. I’ll rest when I’m dead. As for trying to shut the truth down, these folks just haven’t thought through what would actually happen if these outlets did not exist. I have and I know many others that have to. Places like the Monster are the calm in the middle of the storm.

  • I agree with Lee; ever since you came back to us they have been twiddling around with your site. It either paste things all askew or I get a server error message.

    Dr. Kates site has several trojan junk that tries to take my system out.

    I just figure that is because the truth is being noted in a truly factual, readable, understandable way and it really pisses them off.

    I’ve added her safe journey to my prayer list.

    Ladies, I do declare…keep pissing them off.

  • One Nerve -

    I will never forget standing under a tree with you and Dr. Kate at the March on Washington. My heart lifts to remember our being there.

    That moment and the event will be a part of me forever.

    Regardless of what each of our causes may be at the moment, we all must stand together for our right to express our convictions, thoughts and ideas.

  • LM, you’ve sure got that right! If those pathetic holeheads think they have succeeded in silencing Americans who speak out against criminality and stand up for what they believe in, they are sadly mistaken–just one more thing that convinces us that they really know nothing about America and its citizens.

    I just finished reading a book about the WW II bombing, which claimed that it did to strengthen resolve and resistance than anything else, despite the physical damage it imposed.

    Even the most brutal of regimes ultimately succumb to the will of the People; Be it Romania’s Ceaucescu or Italy’s Musellini, cruelty and oppression always reap what they have sown. What some of these individuals do not understand is that the American public–from every strata–is outraged and enraged, and those who voice that outrage are but a tiny fraction of those whose thoughts they resonate. So, let them play Whackamole for awhile, but in the end, each of us reaps what we have sown. It is clear to all that America is not the safe place it once was, and thus all are vigilant, on the watch for danger to their friends, families and compatriots. Like Julian Assange, however, we have more than just our eyes and ears to defend ourselves; we have INFORMATION, which, if we are harmed in any way, we WILL release. Hell hath no fury like a nation wronged. Just ask Ceaucescu and Mussolini.

  • I always know that when I come here and things are sideways it is a must read, thanks to whoever is responsible as it makes me pay extra attention.

    What is happening to Kate is so sad she is such a true Patriot and I enjoy her site and appreciate her efforts, she will be rewarded that I believe with all my heart.

    Can not help noticing that so many of the Patriots who are having their lives turned upside down are female, Diamond, Kate, Pamela Geller, Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin. There does seem to be a common thread, and I know not everyone of these ladies share all things in common but all certainly are Patriots and want to save this country. I have come to the conclusion that as long as we have these brave and selfless female Patriots working so hard we will be okay but I have also come to the conclusion that this is exactly why we see such a push for Sharia Law, without strong woman tptb win, without control of the females they have a snowballs chance in hell of achieving their goals.

    So to all the woman out their this is your fight to win and theirs to lose. Stay strong and do not fear them, let them know that the little woman will not defer to them.

    • Also need to add Theresa Cao to the list of female Patriots.

  • does not the event confirm completely what we already know?

    Yes. It hit a deep nerve.

    Dr Kate’s site is full of spy viruses, trojans and keystroke malware and crashing people’s computers. She needs to move it to her own domain and go incognito like MT did.

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