Newly Elected Representatives Face Frank Luntz

Ya know Frank, I’ve been an Air Force pilot for about eight years, and it’s a job I love, and I have been overseas a number of times, and the thing I’ve learned in all of that is, we have an amazing country worth defending. Now, we have a lot of brave men and women defending her on the outside, and now we need some brave men and women defending her on the inside.

We are Americans first.

Frank Luntz interviewing a very interesting focus group of newly elected congressmen and women (most of which have never been politicians) that you probably haven’t heard of unless you voted for them.  Their thoughts and phrases are profound, and I’m posting this video for y’all to see their faces and their names.  We must keep them accountable. One more thing; not one single hand was raised when asked if they were republicans first and conservatives second.

By Logistics Monster


  • red lemur -

    yes we are whatchin ,nope i dont trust um!
    you are the sum of your actions not the sum of your intentions we watch!

  • red lemur -

    R. Lee Ermey is John Q. Public and Private Joker is the freshmen class of congressmen and senators elected by the tea party to do a job and this my message to them; put on your fuckin’ war face…you guys are in there to do battle with the bankers, the progressives and the UN – fight for us! Is this going to be the new beginning or the final betrayal. Tyranny can only go on for so long.

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