Did BP Break The North Atlantic Loop Current (And Are We Entering An Ice Age?)

According to Dr. Gianluigi Zangari (theoretical physicist) of the Frascati National Laboratories in Italy, BP and millions of gallons of Corexit may be responsible for the breakdown of the North Atlantic Loop Current that brings warm water up from the equator and keeps Europe from being buried under ice.

Abstract: BP Oil Spill may cause an irreparable damage to the Gulf Stream global climate thermoregulation activity.

The Gulf Stream importance in the global climate thermoregulation processes is well assessed. The latest real time satellite (Jason, Topex/Poseidon, Geosat Follow-On, ERS-2, Envisat) data maps of May-June 2010 processed by CCAR1,2 (Colorado Center for Astrodynamics Research), checked at Frascati Laboratories by the means of the SHT congruent calculus3 and compared with past years data, show for the first time a direct evidence of the rapid breaking of the Loop Current, a warm ocean current, crucial part of the Gulf Stream. As displayed both by the sea surface velocity maps and the sea surface height maps, the Loop Current broke down for the first time around May 18th and generated a clock wise eddy, which is still active (see Fig. 1).

Satellite Images of the North Atlantic Loop Current from April 22, 2010 to June 9, 2010 showing the breakdown of the loop. The orange star at the top of the image is the Deepwater Horizon accident location.

RISK OF GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE BY BP OIL SPILL by Dr. Gianluigi Zangari, Frascati National Laboratories (LNF…

Dr. Gianluigi Zangari being interviewed on the NutriMedical Report by Dr. Deagle.

From the BBC:

Travel freeze: Your stories

Heavy snowfall has caused problems for travellers across Europe

Ice, snow and sub-zero temperatures in northern Europe have disrupted travel, leaving Europe’s busiest airport Heathrow, near London, all but closed.

Flights were also cancelled on Monday in Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Brussels and seven in ten services were running at the two main Paris airports.

How a freak diversion of the jet stream is paralysing the globe with freezing conditions

* It’s snowing in Australia and California yet ‘warm’ in Greenland

The freezing conditions that have blasted Britain are being blamed on a series of weather patterns that are bringing Arctic temperatures to much of western Europe, California and even Australia.

One of the main factors is a change in the position of the jet stream – the fast-moving current of air that moves from west to east, high in the atmosphere.

Changes in the jet stream’s path can cause massive changes in weather conditions across the globe and may be why Australians are now shivering their way through summer and the current freezing conditions in California.

In a normal British winter – when conditions are mild and soggy – the jet stream lies over northern Europe, at an altitude of between 35,000 to 50,000 feet.

During these grey winters, Britain’s prevailing winds come from the west and south west, and bring with them warm and moist air from the sub-tropical Atlantic.

This year a high-pressure weather system over the Atlantic is blocking the jet stream’s normal path and forcing it to the north and south of Europe.

The areas of high pressure act like stones in a stream – blocking the normal flow of milder air from the west and instead forcing colder air from the north down across the UK.

In California more than 12 inches of rain has fallen in parts of the Santa Monica Mountains in the south and 13 feet of snow has accumulated at Mammoth Mountain ski resort.

And Australians expecting to bask in early summer sun this Christmas are instead shivering as icy gusts sweeping up from the Southern Ocean have blanketed parts of east coast states New South Wales and Victoria with up to four inches of snow.

When the jet-stream is blocked by high pressure it dips southwards and lets freezing air flood in from the Arctic regions.

Hit the link and check out the images the DailyMail has.

By Logistics Monster


  • Yes that and a story about how they purposely upset the current. I rememeber vaguely a story I saw a couple weeks ago about how scientists blew up the shield thereby creating gloal cooling…just so vague now….can’t remember..can’t even remmber where I read it. So much coming at us all the time…Has anyone seen this story a couple weeks ago on one of the non usual sites?

  • As I sit here freezing and reading this post, I can’t help but wonder if perhaps this was a contrived situation. Why did it take Obama so long to respond to the BP spill and why was his response so inept?

    TPTB that sponsor Obama, IMO, have their greedy, grubby hands all over this situation. Like ONO, I seem to recall reading something along these lines also. I am going to keep a pad and pen beside me on the desk from now on and record the pertinet site information of anything interesting. I used to do this, but then got out of the habit, but so much is happening so fast these days that my feeble brain can’t keep up with it all without some help.

    It seems that winter has come sooner and more fierce cold arrived earlier this year, in my area that I am now starting to wonder. Might be interesting to do a little research on this.

    As usual, Diamond, thanks for keeping us tuned in. I may not comment as much lately, but I still read you religiously. If I don’t respond more, it is only that my little grey cells are working at diminished capacity lately.

    • In 2004, NASA noticed that the North Atlantic Loop Current was weakening and have been watching it since. Who knows which came first or if they are just using a convenient accident to pull a Scrooge.

  • Leaping Spark -

    It’s probably about time for another Ice Age anyway, and it can start by freezing all those communist bastards in Washington DC.

  • David C. Telliho -

    In the early 80`s , a scientist was interviewed by the old Spotlight Newspaper. He claimed at that time that the earth was yawing as it orbited.I`m going on memory here,somewhere,I should have the paper.Anyway,the effects were predicted by him,including ice age, volcanoes,earth quakes.He blamed it on neuclear testing(Aristotle`s Law of Causallity).Never seen or heard of him since that one article.He was a bit paniced ,as he did not think the condition could be stopped and he thought it was to late.Kind of reminded me of an old Harry Chapin song’The Rock’.

  • This wouldn’t have anything to do with La Nina in the South Pacfic. Seem to recall reading something 2 to 3 months ago that La Nina ‘was cranking up full steam’. The ocean temp. has world wide has already started to drop. This changes the weather patterns to. Just a thought 🙂

  • I’m going to suggest that everyone save their poop so you can burn it. If you have dogs and cats, save their poop too. At first I was kidding, now I’m thinking this is not a bad idea.

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