The Senate Omnibus Bill Would Make Machiavelli Proud

It appears that ‘The Prince‘ by Niccolo Machiavelli must be required reading by elected officials in the District of Criminals.

This article about the senate omnibus bill has been difficult to write as there are many little pieces to the puzzle, so a brief recap of the dems ‘enhanced negotiation tactics‘  is in order.

  • The democrat majority has not passed one single appropriations bill (there are 12 of them) this past year.
  • The dems have waited until four days before the government is set to shut down to drop a 1,924 page package omnibus bill on the senate that includes approximately 6,488 earmarks and funding for Obamacare and additional funds for the IRS.  Yes, you can thank my POS senator for this new version of gang-rape.
  • This bill funds the government until next September, freezing out the new Republican House from making any spending cuts and bringing us many more steps closer to national bankruptcy.
  • This bill was dropped on the senators while they are currently duking it out over as tax cut package, that if passed, will endanger the United States AAA rating with Moody’s.
  • This bill will fund the Financial Fascism law currently nicknamed the FrankenDodd Law that includes tracking of every single financial transaction in the country.

On December 8th, the House approved a $1.2 Trillion spending bill that would fund the federal government through 2011 and give large budget increases to the SEC, the CFTC, and the Treasury in order to fund provisions of the Dodd-Frank financial reform fiasco law.  My understanding is that this was an ‘earmark free’ budget bill; and then my senator, Daniel Inouye stepped in, proposed a 1,924 page package omnibus bill because the democrats failed to pass 12 individual spending bills this past year, and now there are approximately 6,488 earmarks (according to John McCain) attached to the Senate version.  In addition, one of those earmarks is funding for ‘Native Hawaiian Recognition Study Authorization’ which in layman’s terms means:

The appropriation is related to his support for the Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act – legislation nicknamed the “Akaka Bill” in honor of Hawaii’s U.S. Senator Daniel Akaka, which creates a native Hawaiian sovereign government within the state with its own powers relating to taxation, land ownership, regulation, law enforcement, and more.

Neil Cavuto interviewed Sen. Tom Coburn about this bill earlier today and Mr. Coburn made pertinent points.

  • If this bill passes, the GOP won’t be able go cut any spending because it funds everything through 2011.
  • Inability of the GOP to address the impending bankruptcy of the United States.
  • This bill does not give the American people any confidence that the feds might actually be listening.

What Sen. Coburn failed to mention is that this bill will fund Obamacare and also gives additional funds to the Internal Revenue Service.

Sen. John McCain, 12.14.2010:

Does it ever feel like we are being forced to swallow glass shards while walking across hot coals when it comes to the UTTER VINDICTIVENESS of our elected officials in the District of Criminals?  This spending package must be passed this week or the feds will have to shut their doors on Saturday.  Who in their right mind allows such a walk on the razor’s edge to occur?  This fails to be a lack of planning; it is absolute lunacy and mean-spiritedness from politicians that are holding the American people hostage with their enhanced negotiation tactics in order to fund programs we don’t want, all the while running the clock out fighting over bleeding the American taxpayer even more on January 1st.  I used to believe that they were actually trying to start a revolution, but have come to the conclusion that we are entirely invisible while they are playing Machiavellian politics.

By Logistics Monster


  • Grail Guardian -

    What would be so bad about the Feds having to shut their doors on Saturday? I say let them stay shut until January 3rd. They can also pass a stop-gap funding bill to keep things going till 1/3/11.

    More coercion on the part of the District of Criminals. This is pure, unadulterated crapola.

    • Here’s a question considering that closing the government’s doors appeals to so many; who fills the void when they are no longer creating chaos?

  • Leaping Spark -

    I have said this more then once, no one in Washington can be trusted whether they belong to the Communist Party (Democrats) or the Socialist Party ( Republicans) most of these people are millionaires and the only time they give a damn about the American people is at election time. Once in office it’s business as usual, ripping off the American people at every opportunity. Unless we figure out a way to stop being their cash cow we will always get screwed over by these corrupt bastards.

    • Leap – you have to look past the communist and socialist labels to the globalists using the left and the right as tools. I am still figuring out how to write ‘starve the beast’ without going to jail.

  • Oh God. I want not to have taxes raised but once again they are creating bills and stuffing lots of crap in it at the last minute. WHY on Christmas and New Years Eve? They hope everyone is gone home and can’t vote on it.
    Why can’t they create a bill for something without stuffing all this unrelated crap in it?
    McCain hit it out of the park. Bubba said it was going to be a good bill. He never mentioned all the pork in it. PUNKED AGAIN. IT’S TIME PATRIOTS, TO SURROUND THE WH. YES IT’S TIME.
    Mac said wait until the new congress comes in before they decide on this crud. I agree.
    Thanks for posting this. Like myself, you are always concerned with the financial goings on more so tham most other bloggers.

  • Harry Reid is dangerous. This would not be happening if we had a real president and not a phone “for the perks” Jerk. God Help America.

  • This situation is nuts-Ive called several Senators offices and Boehners office-the madness has to stop-they obviously havent listened and dont give a sh– They all must go-which is the same thing that I said Jan 9, 2009 after 535 or so morons elected Obama in the first place without objection. I dont like repeating myself.

  • IMO Harry Reid has lost it. (If he ever had it.)

    He says we’re not through yet? What in hades name is he still planning? So he says the congress isn’t over until Jan 4th. Does this mean he is going to disrupt everyone’s Christmas with threats until that time? His desperate clinging to his power up to the very last day brings back visions of Hitler.

    • This comment would have more apt with another post, but by this time I am so confused that I think it would apply to almost anything today.

      Too much bad news – too little time to absorb it all.

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