Seton Motley of explains the media marxism behind ‘Net Neutrality’ in down-to-earth terms that overloaded and overwhelmed patriots can understand is as little as five minutes.

This is an assault on the industry to effect an ideological outcome. There is a man by the name of Robert McChesney, he’s an avowed marxist, he is also a college professor. Please pardon the redundancy. He’s the godfather of the media “reform movement”. His objective of net neutrality, and I’m going to quote him (not directly), but it’s close is that net neutrality is the necessary first step in eradicating the media capitalists from the phone and cable companies and divesting them from control. How very Hugo Chavez of him.  The purpose of net neutrality isn’t to create net neutrality, it’s to create an untenable economic environment for private investment which will subsequently be followed by government investment at which point government becomes the sole internet service provider, and at that point, if you are a conservative website or a small government website, how’s your downloads going to be? – Seton Motley

Robert McChesney – The Problem of the Media, March, 2009:

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