Doug Zerby; Latest American To Be Executed By Police

(Editor’s Note: If there are any ‘normal’ police officers left that would do the Monster an immense honor by giving an interview on police training techniques that are currently being taught that treat every corporate-owned moo as a criminal first and an American citizen (and human being) second; please get in touch with me using the ‘Contact Page’ on the top of the blog page.)

35 year old, Long Beach resident, Doug Zerby was shot to death on Sunday evening by police when they received a 911 call from a neighbor who believed Zerby to be armed. Mr. Zerby was holding a water nozzle and appears to have been watering his friend’s lawn while waiting for the friend to return home.  The Long Beach police department considered Zerby’s hand movements to be provocative and opened fire without issuing any orders to Mr. Zerby.

He at least deserved to be told,”put your hands where we can see them, place the object down, ya know, two seconds of conversing”. – Eden Marie Biele (Doug Zerby’s sister)

Water Nozzle held by Doug Zerby

Long Beach Police Murder un-armed 35 year old LB man for watering friends lawn Belmont Shores LBPD

Seattle Riot Police, WTO, December 1999
By Logistics Monster


  • Grail Guardian -

    Is it only TV cops that have to identify themselves before shooting now?

    • It’s no longer an isolated incident now and then; it’s becoming an everyday occurrence across the country. Which makes me think that they are being trained to react this way. Remember the images from the post the other day of the paramilitary police in 1999 during WTO in Seattle? Those cops are the reason I moved to the islands. These cops nowadays are the reason I did the unthinkable and armed myself.

  • The Murdering thugs that wore blue uniforms and executed this man are cowards of the 1st degree. They deserve nothing less than the death penalty. Also the idiot snitch shill of the police state who made the call needs to be charged with manslaughter at the very least.

  • I live here in Long Beach, and I don’t agree with how the police handled the situation. I do agree that there is a problem in this country with accountability of law enforcement.

    However, it doesn’t serve justice and is disrespectful to Doug to use his death to selfishly further your agenda. Why do I say this? Because it is impossible to water a lawn with a nozzle that is disconnected from a hose. It is unnecessary to water a lawn in December, esspecially if that lawn has an automated irrigation system. Doug was drunk at 4:40 on a Sunday night. No issue there. He pointed a pistol-shaped object at an armed police officer with BOTH of his hands extended. He got shot and was killed. I wish it didn’t happen. I don’t think the officers who shot him are happy about it either.

    Ironically, the only ones who benefit from this situation are people who would use his death to fortify their negative views of police. You don’t have to lie about it to do this, the truth does the job just fine.

    • Policemans lives have no more value than an average citizens life. These officers are trained to protect themselves FIRST then the citizen.
      Has everyone forgot that police are not drafted, they volunteer? If then, they are to make a error in judgement the error must favor the citizen!
      There is risk with the job, if you dont like the risk, become a plumber. Before you start shooting, every available option must be taken to avoid innocent lives from being taken, EVEN if that means you have to dodge a bullet yourself…after all, police are the ones wearing bullet proof vests!

    • You are guilty of believing the Police. We believe that it will come out that Doug did not extend his arms out as was stated in the Press Conference by the Police which is the only source of that info. It is unlikely that an inebriated man hardly able to stay awake did that. Also, this was not the story immediately related by the spokesperson at the scene. This story appears to have been concocted later in the process to help aid in calling it “justified”.

  • Richard Armijo -

    Unfortunately, the only way to resolve the misconduct, irreversable killing of an innocent man by police is to sue, and the attorneys job is to bring out the truth, uncover the facts, and then maybe there is compensation (if thats what you want to call it)! The family would take Dougs life back (if they could) in a heart beat over any amount of money! A lot of people assume that they just want money! This case is not about money, it’s about Justice. It’s about bringing manslaughter charges to those officers (who are still roaming the streets, and YOU could be next), who killed Doug Zerby in cold blood, because THEY put them selves within 12ft. of Doug, not following proper procedusres, before back-up could arrive.
    It’s about changing policies and procedures for for the use of deadly force in the Long Beach Police Department.
    Why didn’t they stay out front, and behind, in a position of cover, follow protocal, await back-up, police dog, mediation, helicopter and simply secure the scene? . . . NO, they had to get close enough to put themselves in danger (within 12ft. AND then could see that he had NO gun), then see his head bobbing, over reacted, paniced and open fired. (as rumored by on-scene police)
    I took hundreds of pictures at the scene, immediately afterward, I have seen the fresh blood stains, I have been inside the units where police fired from, in units adjacent to the scene, and I have interviewed many on scene witnesses as well. I have measured the angles of the bullet holes and distances. Now, I have taken many photographs as well as of Dougs body, after the coroner released it to the mortuary! Now, are you going to tell me that from what I have witnessed personally, that I don’t have enough evidence to say with conviction in my heart that He was killed NEEDLESSLY, with excessive use of force? The entry angles of the shot guns blasts and bullet holes entry and exit holes tell what really happened! The rest is simple. Obviously the police now need enough time for the story to simmer down in the press, they are trying to make their version of the facts believable, once revealed. The LBPD have witheld now long enough, and now it as starting to look bad for them! The excuse for the “security hold” was that officers lives were in danger! C’mon, really? Who threated them? Time is up Chief McDonnell, lets have the names of the three officers, and the police report, and release the coroners “hold” that you implemented! so that these truths that I have told you cannot be denied any longer.

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