Here is the 32 minute press conference where, (UNBELIEVABLY), your presidential public servant exits to attend the White House Christmas party and leaves, (what can only be assumed as the real president), Bill Clinton large and in charge to answer questions.

Yes, I do believe the world is now figuring out (without a shadow of doubt) what we have known since wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy before the presidential election of 2008; Barack Hussein Obama is a poseur.  We FRAKKIN’ told you so!!!

“I’ve been keeping the first lady waiting for about a half an hour so I’m going to take off, but you are in good hands.” – Barry Soetoro, 11:00.

My question?  While watching this, how many of you feel like you are sitting at a table in a restaurant and your server just handed you off to another waiter in order to take their break?

I wonder what ‘Iamadinnerjacket’ over in Iran thinks about two American ‘presidents’ cow-towing to a first lady over a party?

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