The Pirate King

Bernie Sanders wants to know if the Federal Reserve is the world’s central bank.  An uneducated Monster’s answer?  “Yes, the American taxpayer is the lender of last resort to the entire world through the Banking Mafia known as the Federal Reserve System.”  Where the hell do you think the money for the Greek and Irish bailouts came from?  The IMF, which is mainly funded by…wait for it…yep, the American people. Wake the hell up Bernie!

According to FT, the Federal Reserve documents that were released earlier today, show $3.3 TRILLION in loans and currency swaps, with the majority of our cash going to foreign banks.  Nope, I’m not even going to spend a moment trying to wade through all the paper the Fed buries us in.  We’ll just have to trust the Financial Times.

Is anybody here even batting a eye at this news?  Did anyone here think that the $9 Trillion that went missing ended up anywhere but overseas just like the billions from the AIG bailout?

The link to the FT article is below, and I suggest you take a few minutes checking out the full article and the embedded video.  I just love listening to british newscasters speak about their poor understanding of today’s modern banking and  asking “how do you think the American public is going to react when they hear about the amount of support provided to non-American banks?” Pitchforks anyone?  Can we get rid of the financial pirates yet?

European banks took big slice of Fed aid

My only remaining question is whether or not the Fed collects interest twice; once on the money loaned to the foreign banks and then again from us for creating the electronic fiat money that the banks used?

End The Fed

(From National Inflation Association)

A vault video of Ron Paul, September 19, 2008:

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