Glenn Beck, 11.30.2010: The Perfect Storm

This writer absolutely has to disagree with Beck’s assessment that the ‘perfect storm’ has just come ashore.  Rather, IMHO, we are currently sitting in the still air of the eye of a Category 10 Financial Hurricane with the more dangerous backside about to hit us.   And yes, the Federal Reserve is still protecting the banks to the detriment of producers.  Please keep that perspective in mind as you watch Beck today.

Part 1:

(Subsequent segments will be added as they become available.)
Part 2:

Part 3:

By Logistics Monster

One Comment

  • It’s not so much a ‘Perfect Storm’. It’s more a can (of debt and worms like mortgage fraud) being kicked down the road, each time getting bigger and badder to deal with the next time you get there.

    This is the ‘strategy’ of all politicians, the delay the inevitable while on their watch, to take the easy way out rather than deal with it head on.

    Government is the dumbest and most corrupt organisation on the planet (see why so many Washington ‘lawmakers’ are lawyers). The dustbin of society. Why earn a living when you can scam one eh???

    We don’t need less Gov’t we need zero Gov’t.

    Society, like the weather, like nature, is a self regulating mechanism. No Gov’t, State Police, Law or Judiciary required.

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