Our government and the airports (who can opt-out of using TSA) have put your safety in the hands of the bottom third of the class.  I don’t fly anymore because I cannot trust people who can’t read, write, or do math in their heads to make sure that explosives haven’t boarded a plane.  They are too busy terrorizing four years olds with teddy bears and leg braces.

Here is a recap from Brasscheck.tv of some of the TSA tactics that have happened in the last few years. Remember, the Nazis came to power because the german people allowed it.  I think it’s time for the airlines and airports to opt-out of using TSA, and we, as Americans, have to think outside the box and not boycott the airlines which would give Chairman Zero and his czars yet another industry to absorb.  We must persuade the airlines that it is in their best economic interest to fire TSA.

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