The judge’s show today revolves around the sexual assault being perpetrated against Americans during TSA groping techniques including putting their hands down a person’s pants and between their underwear and skin (Radio talk show host Owen J.J. Stone).  His guests include California DA Steve Wagstaffe who will have police arrest and will prosecute any TSA agent that is committing sexual assault on passengers in his county. The judge also interviews Rep. John Mica who is the original author of the TSA law who is now urging airports to use the provision in the law to opt-out of using the government agents, and Steve Bierfeldt, the Campaign4Liberty employee who has organized the next week’s (11.24.2010) ‘Opt-Out Day’ boycott of TSA.

Part 1:

Part 2, Owen J.J. Stone, and Steve Bierfeldt at 4:00 minute mark:

Part 3, GM Bailout:

Part 4, Lew Rockwell and the changes of Ron Paul becoming chairman of the subcomittee on issuing subpoenas to the Fed. Mr. Rockwell also states that Ron Paul has been passed over for this very chair three times before.

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