Yet another video explaining the insane circular thinking the Federal Reserve is using to create trillions of dollars in electronic fiat money.

So the government borrows money by selling bonds to China and Japan but foreign countries are beginning to realize we can’t pay it back.  To compensate for the decreasing international demand for our debt, the Federal Reserve gives fake money to the banks so they can use it to buy government bonds.

So, the first batch quantitative easing wasn’t enough, so now they’re printing money to lend to the banks so the banks can lend it back to the broke-ass government.

No, this sounds more like money laundering.  The Federal Reserve manufactures illegitimate money and funnels it through the banks so they can give it to the government in a more legitimate form.  If you or I did this, we would go to jail.

Are you game?

End The Fed Rally, 11.22.2010

I dragged this video out of the vault to remind folks of what has been happening for almost a decade (not just since 2008).

Truth,The Us Dollar, The Federal Reserve, and Dr. Ron Paul

For more information about the true origins of the Federal Reserve System, grab your duct tape and hit the page at the top of the blog.

End The Fed

Restore The Republic

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