John Tyner: “If You Touch My Junk, I’ll Have You Arrested” (UPDATED: $10,000 Fine & Senate Hearing, Pirate Party)


The Pirate Party International started following me on Twitter a few days ago, and I wish they had directly emailed me that they were going to do this:

Nude Protest: Airport Body Scanners in Germany

Drudge Is A Genius With Captioning (Y'all can thank Bush 43 and Obama)


The Senate CST Committee has called a hearing on Wednesday, 17th to take a peek at the oversight of TSA.  Considering John D. Rockefeller is the chairman, don’t expect too much…

Transportation Security Administration Oversight Hearing

Jena Longo – Democratic Deputy Communications Director (202) 224-8374

Nov 17 2010 10:00 AM

Russell Senate Office Building – 253

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation announces the following full committee hearing on Transportation Security Administration oversight.

(Any minute now there will be a ban on video cameras everywhere the Gestapo operates….)

When John Tyner refused the full body scan, he was informed by a TSA gestapo agent that during his full body pat down his groin area was going to be checked which prompted his statement, “if you touch my junk, I’ll have you arrested”.

Mr. Tyner does not plan to fly anymore and believes that more people are taking the same route that he is by traveling by car, bus or train.  It also appears that Mr. Tyner was just trying to leave the airport and was not traveling that day.

There were a few people standing around the ticketing area as I tried to leave.  Those men told me that I had to go back into the screening area to finish the screening, and I refused.  I told them, I’ve already…I don’t have a ticket, I’m not going to be flying today, I’m trying to leave the airport, and I’m not going to be screened as a condition of going on my way and leaving.

If You Touch My Junk, I’ll Have You Arrested


It appears that TSA is going to fine Mr. Tyner $10,000 for not submitting to their screening. Here’s the full story from

TSA promises $10,000 fine for refusing sexual assault

At the San Diego International Airport yesterday, about one-fifth of the travelers were selected for sexual assault by transportation security agents. Though TSA’s website did not list SAN as one of the airports employing the carcinogenic naked scan or a full body rub down, one man was told his refusal to submit would result in a civil law suit and a $10,000 fine. Under 49 CFR Sec.s 1540.105 and 1540.107, as summarized in these 2004 TSA Sanction Guidelines, apparently TSA has Congressional support to fine people for refusing to submit to molestation.

John Tyner posted his video of the incident and described in detail the experience. At about 3:50 into the first video, Tyner tells TSA agents:

“If you touch my junk, I’m gonna have you arrested.”

“Upon buying your ticket, you gave up a lot of your rights,” said one TSA agent (~8:34).

“The government took them away after 9/11,” he countered.

His father-in-law tried to convince the agents to allow him to be screened by the metal detector since he has an aversion to the x-ray machine and to having his genitals touched by strangers.

“We have our procedures, Sir.”

Agents then filled out a report of the incident, taking down his name and other details. (Second video)

Transportation Security Manager David Silva told agents to have Tyner escorted from the airport. But after his ticket was refunded, he was again detained by security personnel who continued to question him.

In the third video, Tyner’s camera caught the agents on film as they huddled some distance off from him. Here’s where Orwell rises from the dead. In the third video, we see one of the suits using doublespeak:

“For your benefit, can I get a contact number?”

“For my benefit?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“I think we’re done.”

“Actually, Sir …”

“My benefit has been achieved.”

“No, Sir, I’m trying – I’m trying to get you, give you some mitigating factors, in your – in your favor. Cooperation is one of those mitigating factors.”

“I’m sorry, what mitigating, mitigating what?”

“Remember the, remember the civil penalties I told you you could be subject to for failing to …”

“So are you going to subject him and this officer and the four TSA members who escorted me out to those same penalties?”

“No, Sir, I’m not.”

“They directed me to break the law and they escorted me out and told me my only choice was to leave the airport.”

“Tyner? Was that the name?”

“I think you’ve got a record of it back there. All my pertinent information is on the record you took.”

“I’m just trying to get the right to call you by your name. That’s what –”

“My name is John.”

Tyner then demands to leave while the suit continues to seek his cooperation.

“To what end?” John asked.

“To the end, to the end, to the end that it will look better for you when we bring the case against you that we’re going to bring, okay, if you cooperate.”

“You bring that case,” Tyner said, then walking out of the airport.

At the TSA website, at its Tips for the Screening Process page, TSA warns people:

“If a personal search is required you may choose to remain in the public area or go to a private area for your screening. If you refuse either option you will not be able to fly.”

It does not tell them they will be fined $10,000 for refusing both options.

You can read Tyner’s full report here, and his response to the 800+ comments he received (as of 1 pm Eastern on Sunday), here.

By Logistics Monster


  • californiapatriot -

    It’s got to stop! Tell the assholes to go F themselves. If anyone doubts that this is a fascist state they are delusional.

    • Yeah, I’m waiting for them to stop me on the street and ask me for my papers. THIS is exactly what they are working toward in slow dribs and drabs.

      Only one big problem – America Woke Up!, and if California Patriot’s comment is any type of sign – the fight HAS JUST BEGUN.

      I loved all those bikers telling Denair School District (by their actions) to shove it!

      • The bikers where the icing on the cake, I wonder if they hang with Allen West. So sad to have a child have to be in the middle but what a great kid, his family can be proud, they have raised him to stand up. Now we just have to get the TSA to keep their nasty hands off of 3 year olds, that makes me want to scream.

          • I think the line that has been crossed is with people’s children. Once you start putting their children in the the same category as the terrorist people will take offense and rebel, as well they should. Not to mention most parents teach their children that they should not allow strangers to touch them in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable.

  • californiapatriot -

    I don’t know how that young man is going to pay the extortion, but if he does decide to, maybe the whole dam country can pitch in. Then, we need to stand as one and say HELL NO. Everyone should realize that this country is ruled by pedophiles and psychopaths who sit in their fancy home theaters and watch ALL that they get on film, including war (never doubt that). They are NOT human. They crave death, destruction, child abuse, everything that is anti human. Hell, maybe they ARE reptiles (that would explain a lot).

    • I agree with everything you say except I believe these people are below reptiles,they have to look up to see the gutter.

    • He’s not going to pay it…someone is going to step in and push this all the way to SC…not that that will do any good, but all this publicity is going to kill these machines.

      The airlines are milling around like victims instead of standing up to the District and telling them and Big Sis to go f*** themselves.

      The fever pitch is a double-edge sword…controlling the can of whoop ass and making sure the changes are made without somebody going off half-cocked is the danger.

      Americans aren’t forgetting…we are adding the list and remember everything…and it’s just getting longer and longer and longer. This government can no longer operate the way they have been doing and both parties are done for at this point. Add QE2, The Fed, Taxes, and whatever else happens next, DC has huge problems.

      What people don’t realize is that this is looking more and more like crashing a huge aspect of the transportation industry so that Chairman Zero can step in and nationalize the airlines.

      • If everyone stayed home this Thanksgiving the message would be sent to the airlines, this will not be tolerated. I understand wanting to be with family and friends but this could be the message the government and airlines would understand, without the flying public you are not needed.

      • californiapatriot -

        I agree that there’s a fever pitch brewing and it could be a double-edged sword. That’s what they want (someone to make the wrong move).

        I also agree with you about the bikers in California, I don’t live too far from that town. It was a great sight, and if I’d know about it I would have been there with my flag running down the street.

        We are Americans, we don’t like and won’t accept oppression for too much longer. I used to think “they” didn’t know that they may be pushing us too far, but they do; they think they have it all figured out. They forgot about GOD. They didn’t realize we can actually see things.

        I hope you’re listening you ass holes.

  • Great comments today–although I feel the German protest in the vid fell short; underwear isn’t sufficiently revealing for the perverted little twit brained pigs that work for TSA and DHS. Where does it stop? Groping certainly can’t be helpful when searching cavities for bombs; why heck, do you know how many assorted bombs, firecrackers and other weapons of mass destruction people can shove up their noses, into their ears, mouths, and parts south?? Heck, women have even more orifices [orificii?] than men–why let a useless little grope suffice when a complete cavity search will do the trick?! And kids–lets get those kids strip searched and cavity cleared before take off. And ladies–well, let me say no more…

    Does Israel do this? NO! Do they have a highly secure flying record? YES!

    Time to do my show now, but I’ll be back;))

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