Cody Alicea Receives Patriotic Escort AND An Apology

Denair, CA resident Cody Alicea was told last week that he could not fly his American flag on his bicycle while riding to school.  Today, Cody received massive community support from bikers and motorists alike supporting his right to fly an American flag in America. The school has since apologized for their stupidity.

13 Year Old Flag Boy Gets Parade and Apology

Escort footage:

Escort footage:

The apology:

I guess we are all outlaws now…

By Logistics Monster


  • The American flag should never be put into the same class as the Nazi flag or any other flag. This is our flag that represents our country, any other flag that is considered offensive or causes any conflict should be judged on it’s own merit.

    The American flag should be a protected class, in no way should it be considered a free speech issue, the American flag is US and those who do not like it can go back from where ever they came and if they are from here they can go to Hell for all I care. Enough with this stuff.

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