Quantitative Easing Explained (Humorous)

(Thanks Ron!!)

Watch the entire video because it is very funny, and very true.

By Logistics Monster


  • ::crickets::

    ::a lone coyote howls in the background:::

    ::the hollywood depiction of a native american with a single black tipped, white feather in his hair sheds a single tear::

    Come on people, wake up. Are we men and women or corporate moos? Am I actually owned by the Queen or will we stand up together as the founder fathers did and say “don’t touch my junk” as a replacement for ‘don’t tread on me’? I would think that Americans although willing to put up with almost any other type of repressive bullshit, would at least stand up and say “Fuck You!” when it comes to the taking of their money by thieving ****sucker politicians and appointed officials that nobody ever voted for, have no business experience and are obviously global f***ing traitors.

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