End The Fed Rally, November 22, 2010 (UPDATED: NOV. 20TH, NOT 22ND)

(Editor’s Note:  I would like to thank NH Tea Party for pointing out my typo with the date.  My deepest apologies for this mistake.  The End the Fed rallies are planned for Saturday, November 20th this year.)

End The Fed Rally, 11.22.2010

I dragged this video out of the vault to remind folks of what has been happening for almost a decade (not just since 2008).

Truth,The Us Dollar, The Federal Reserve, and Dr. Ron Paul

For more information about the true origins of the Federal Reserve System, grab your duct tape and hit the page at the top of the blog.

End The Fed
Restore The Republic

6 thoughts on “End The Fed Rally, November 22, 2010 (UPDATED: NOV. 20TH, NOT 22ND)”

  1. The website you cite above says it’s on Nov 20 not the 22. What gives? When is the one in Boston? Is there one in NH at all?

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