AYFKM? New Round Of Aid To Palestinian Authority Brings Total To $225 Million (UPDATED)

(Editor’s Note: See Update after the post.)
We KNOW we are underwater, ‘9.6%’ unemployment, 48 million Americans on foodstamps, numerous states in budget shortfall, The Fed printing money like there is no tomorrow, and we are staring inflation dead in the eye.   Big Government does not even bat an eye; the day after the pResident’s debt commission comes out with a proposal that features cutting Social Security benefits to seniors, and the mortgage interest credit for Americans than can still actually own property, Secretary of State Clinton promises ANOTHER $150 MILLION to the Palestinian Authority. ARE YOU FREAKIN’ KIDDING ME?

I guess Newsweek was correct in stating that “We Are All Socialists Now”, they just forgot to add the byline “…And New World Order Globalists”.

We are just a bunch of stupid corporate owned moos to allow this financial terrorism to go on…AND WHEN DO THE BANKERS’ ARRESTS START?

From Voice of America:

Clinton Announces Aid to Palestinian Authority, Meets with Egyptian Counterpart

Earlier, Clinton announced that the United States has transferred $150 million in new aid to the Palestinian Authority to help close its budget gap.

“This new funding will help the Palestinian Authority pay down its debt, continue to deliver services and security to its people, and keep the progress going,” she said. “It will support our work together to expand Palestinians’ access to schools, clinics and clean drinking water in both the West Bank and Gaza [Strip].”

The secretary of state said the funds bring U.S. direct budget assistance to the Palestinian Authority to $225 million this year. Overall support and investment to the Palestinians is nearly $600 million for the year.

I wonder how much American cash contributed to this? Remember, keep the moos happily shopping and they won’t riot.


As soon as I saw this article, I texted Shtuey of ‘Oy…My Valve!’ to make sure he knew about it and to let me know when his post about it came up. At the end of his article, he embedded a very powerful video which I am going to present first with select quotes afterwards. In the words of the “ShtueyMonster”; “Enjoy Moos!”

I changed my mind…here’s the whole thing.

The Falacstinian Money Pit: More American Tax Dollars For Terrorists

So, while the Federal Reserve is quantitatively easing us into a potential economic collapse on par with Wiemar Republic Germany, and the pResident is gallivanting around the world on our dime apologizing for the existence of America and continuing to kiss Muslim ass in Indonesia, condemning Israel…again…for building more housing in the Israeli capital because…well…those pesky Jews just keep having more babies…while he praises Indonesia for its religious diversity in a country where 86% of the people are Muslims (not a surprise coming from a man who considers the United States a Muslim country and thinks it has 57 states) what could the administration possibly do to up the scale of douchiosity? Approve giving the Falacstinian Authority $150,000,000 to lower its budget deficit.

Take a moment there and squeeze that one out…I’ll wait…

We are so up to our eyes in debt, thanks to Shrub II and the excesses of the current administration, that we could all end up waking up at any time living as employees of a wholly owned subsidiary of the PROC. Wait…we already are…my bad. Naturally the thing to do is piss away money we don’t have to reduce the deficit of a terrorist regime that finds it seemingly impossible to even begin to figure out how to go about planning to build the most basic of political institutions that any legitimate state would have. And why exactly are the terrorists of the PLO in debt anyway?

Let’s see…in December of 2007 an international star-studded list of nations and NGOs met in Paris and agreed to pledge $7.4 billion to the PLO (that’s nearly $2.5 billion a year for those of you trying to keep score). There are established nations that would love to have a budget like that. But the PLO claimed it needed $1.8 billion in aid in 2008, and $1.2 billion in 2009.

In 2009 Juan Hussein Peron Jr. Jr. swelled U.S. aid to the PLO up to $980 million (supposedly in response to the need for humanitarian aid needed after Operation Cast Lead…despite the fact that even during that conflict Israel trucked in food, medicine, and other humanitarian aid stuffs by the ton).

In September PLO Prime Sinister Salam Fayyad asked UN donors for $500 million to eliminate his budget deficit. On November 4th the EU gave $28.5 million in Euros to the PLO for pensions and salaries for PLO “public-sector employees” (we call them gunmen, or terrorists).

And let’s not forget that Juan Hussein gave $900 million to Hamas last year.

But let’s look at the 2010 U.S. figures…just for shits and giggles. For those of you that think this $150 million is a bolt from the blue, I got news for you…it was already appropriated by Congress in this year’s budget according to the Congressional Research Service. The announcement by Hillary was conveniently held up until after the midterm elections, a callous tactical move considering Marack’s Middle East Peace Fiasco was in full flounder and the Donkeys were losing their collective shit.

So what’s the total breakdown in US aid allocations for the PLO terrorists for this year? Here are the figures from the CRS:

* First comes the $150 million for the deficit short fall…(how did they know when allocating the budget that there would be a short fall this year? I mean, what happened to the nearly 2.5 billion in pledges they should have gotten this year? Someone at Hate must have one helluva crystal ball.)

* Next comes USAID’s $250.4 million which gets broken down like this:
* • $38 million – governance, rule of law, civil society (this would include dedicating public spaces to terrorists who murdered Jewish civilians, publicly lynching and throwing homosexuals off buildings, and sending photographers to shoot images of Arab children throwing rocks and running at moving cars for publication around the world…what a civil society).
• $93.5 million – health, education, social services (this would include the continued campaign of incitement against Jews on PLO run TV, radio, newspapers, and schools)
• $95 million – economic development (I suppose this would be a reference to bribes)
• $23.9 million – humanitarian assistance (They’re not building a second luxury mall in Gaza with money raised from the Gaza City bake sale)

The remaining $100 million was allocated for “International Narcotics Control and Law Enforcement”:

* $96 million Training, non-lethal equipment, and garrisoning assistance to PA security forces in the West Bank, supporting efforts by the U.S. Security Coordinator (this would be the vaunted force of largely Al-Aqsa Brigade members, some of whom were involved in the murder of Rabbi Meir Chai, father of seven…the weapons used? American m-16s)
* $4 million for Governance, rule of law, human rights, and institution-building assistance,including to strengthen PA ministries and the justice system and to encourage judicial independence (again I throw up in my mouth a little as the sentence for selling land to a Jew in a PLO court is death)

Source: FY2010 Congressional Budget Justification for Foreign Operations, Department of State

Now here’s something interesting. Haaretz, the Israeli leftist’s choice source for disinformation, reported in August that Arab countries were cutting their aid to the PLO. At the time the PLO was reporting that their aid for budget support was only $583 million (funny that’s the same amount that the US and EU gave them this year, including the aid announcements in November).

In 2009 Saudi gave the PLO $241.1 million. By August 2010 that amount dropped to $30.6 million. The UAE gave the PLO $173.9 million in 2009. By August of 2010 they had given nothing.

That’s right America, while the Arabs have figured out that it’s better to jam cash up a camel’s rear than give it to the PLO, the Hate Department is giving the Arab terrorists of the PLO nearly 17 times more cash than the Saudis.

Are you banging your head against the wall yet?

Now the Israel haters on all points on the political spectrum will say: But Shtuey, you’re full of crap because the U.S. gives Israel $3.8 billion in aid every year (actually they will say 6-7 billion because they are just plain dumber than a bag of hammers). I have two answers to that.

1) Most of that aid is in loan guarantees for Israel to pay for housing, absorption of immigrants and refugees, etc, and Foreign Military Financing. Israel has never defaulted on any of these loans, so the U.S. is actually getting that money back as opposed to the money it flushes down the PLO crapper. FMF works this way:

Congress has ruled that Israel receive its FMF aid in a lump sum during the first month of the fiscal year. Once disbursed, Israel’s military aid is transferred to an interest bearing account with the Federal Reserve Bank (how convenient). Israel uses interest collected on its military aid to pay down its non-guaranteed debt to the United States, which, according to the U.S. Treasury Department, stood at $625 million as of August 2010. Israel cannot use accrued interest for defense procurement inside Israel. In the end, FMF grants from the U.S. only amount to a little more than 18% of Israel’s total defense budget, and most of the money it represents ends up in the hands of American military contractors like General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin, and in the United States Treasury.

2) Israel would be better off without that money as it would likely make a lot more cash selling military hardware and technology to countries the U.S. doesn’t want Israel dealing with because Uncle Sam doesn’t want the competition. It would also mean that Israeli Prime Ministers would feel less obligated to come home from state visits to America with their nose smelling like the Chief Executive’s rectum.

According to Isaac Ben Israel, the times certainly have a changed:

In contrast to practices of the past, Israel has not received any technological know-how from the Americans in recent years. Certainly Israel has received weapon systems from the US: combat systems, aircraft, electronic warfare systems, and various first line equipment of the highest quality of US technological production. But in recent years these items have arrived in sealed boxes that may not be opened; Israeli specialists may not know what is inside them and occasionally oversight groups arrive to preclude the possibility that anything was opened illegally.

[From: Isaac Ben Israel, Israeli Security Dependence on the US, Institute for National Security Studies, The US and Israel under Changing Political Circumstances, Tel Aviv, Israel, November 2009, pp. 75-79.]

So, where are the billions of dollars from the PLO budget that has produced no civil infrastructure, no political institutions that are not based on the genocide of Israel’s Jews, no independent judiciary, or anything else of any substance? Rather than blather on, here’s a little video that ought to shed some light on how your tax dollars have been flushed down the worthless Arab toilet known as the “Palestinian Authority” over the years.

Enjoy Moos.

By Logistics Monster


  • Since Pampers has taken over the White House aid to the terrorists has skyrocketed. We gave PLO nearly 20 times more money this year than the Saudis, who cut their aid by 7/8 this year. You know things must be bad when the Saudis are cutting their losses, while Juan Hussein Peron ups the ante on our dime. BTW, that 150 million was already allocated in the budget. Secretary of Hate Clinton just withheld the announcement until after the elections, as if that would somehow help the Jackass Party.

    For a fuller analysis (anal being the operative prefix) read the latest at OMV

    • Of course I had to swipe the entire post – but I know you don’t mind.

      Thanks for your very detailed breakdown of our own financial suicide. Let’s fund the terrorists with all sorts of revenue streams, shall we?

  • could this be their infantile idea to try and civilize them thinking it will bring peace? They also want these entities beholden to them…?
    Maybe they are flat out in bed with them all…or just maybe juan hussein peron is being blackmailed.

    Happy Second B’Day to Monster.

    • Meir Kahane (may G-d avenge his blood) said again and again that you can’t buy the Arab’s loyalty with indoor plumbing. The Arabs hate the Jews. The whole idea of demanding a state in the heart of the land of Israel is to help facilitate the demise of the Jewish state. They refer to it as the phased plan. It is no secret. When the United States government gives these mafioso terrorists money, and demands Israel cede land, they are knowingly attempting to facilitate Israel’s national suicide.

      When America elects a President who just says no to the creation of a “Palestinian” state, then Israel will have a true friend in Washington.

      Juan Hussein Peron’s deal is that like his mentors (like Rashid Khalidi) he considers Israel to be a historic mistake that needs to be corrected by ensuring its destruction. It really is that simple.

      Let’s hope there is some truth to the report that Eric Cantor told Netanyahu he would be a check against Pampers’ anti-Israel policy (which is of course also George Soros’ policy).

      BTW, thanks DT for putting up the whole thing. Glad to be of service. It amazes me that there isn’t more public outrage at the federal government’s overt support of Islamic terror, which has been going on long before Little Lord Fraudleroy took power.

      • well trained corporate owned moos that are just waking up to the fact that you just can’t trust ANYBODY with that kind of money. Any wonder I am campaigning for the end of the Fed who gives them their freakin’ credit card?

  • Michael Green -

    While our nation slips deeper and deeper in debt, The democrats spend our money like wild, It’s easy spending someone elses money, If these bleeding heart liberals are so concerned about other nations, that don’t care at all about the U.S., Why don’t they start by opening their own wallets, To show the world how much they really care !

  • no-nonsense-nancy -

    I heard there is going to be a rally in DC on Nov. 20th to abolish the Fed.

  • There aren’t even any words for this, except, once again, to thank LM & Shtuey for continuing to educate the Moos til the cows come home;)

    We will NEVER stop seeking and speaking the truth…

    o, btw, maybe pampers can sell his new blingy thingy to contribute to easing our national debt…the fool thinks he can keep it but everyone else knows that that would be illegal…oh, wait, I forgot…he doesn’t GIVE a fig about the law…or the American people…or the Constitution…or the number of states in the United States of America…or…ANYTHING ELSE BUT HIMSELF, FIRST, LAST AND ALWAYS…well, that and watching ESPN…smokin’ cigarettes and watchin’ Captain Kangaroo…don’t tell HIM there’s nothin’ to do…



  • Excellent resource with facts & figures! I will share on my Hump Day Report, along with the video of the Palestinians dancing in the streets on 9/11/01

  • Diamond, I am puzzled as to the whereabouts of the executive order against the Federal Reserve that was signed and issued by John F. Kennedy just before he was assassinated.
    I’m going to see if I can get some information on that. It is my understanding that it is still legal, never having been rescinded by Lyndon Johnson or any other president. What do you know about this? Due to President Kennedy’s assassination this executive order just fell through the cracks – or so it would seem. Then Franklin Roosevelt jailed Ezra Pound in St. Elizabeth’s for 13 years to silence him when he was sounding the alarm about the Fed to the American people.

    Watch your back. There are some very powerful people who are determined to see that nothing interfers with the Federal Reserve.

    I will try to find out about a rally against them on Nov.20th, and if at all possible I will go downtown and try to get others to go with me.

    While the Fed is printing our future away, Shillary Clinton and Obama are courting the Hamas and the Palestinians with the money that you and I and our children and grandchildren are going to pay for.

    • Lee – don’t worry about me. Everybody that spending any time here knows that my main focus is the money and the Fed. Anything happens, it’ll be because of them…but nothing is going to happen. The person you should be concerned about is Ron Paul. He is about to become chairman of the subcommittee on monetary policy and he is turning it from printing coins to going after the fed.

      • Many thanks, Ron, for the links. I will print this all out and add it to what I’ve obtained so far.

        Very convenient for many people that President Kennedy’s so-called assassin was himself eliminated before he could talk. A loser like Jack Ruby just happened to be in the garage at the time? Yeah.

        I want as much information on this that I can get so that my heirs will have something to refer to when TPTB use Obama’s new Internet Czar wipes out everything that is now available.

  • no-nonsense-nancy -

    We the People need to take them down! Get rid of them!


  • dame I think you struck the chord!!!!!! obama and his crownies are the hardly everly brothers they could’nt get this right if it fell from the sky landed on thier faces and wriggled!

  • Now, 2 Jewish members of Congress have released $100 million to the Lebanese government for use by the Lebanese Army.

    U.S. lifts hold on over $100 million aid for Lebanon army – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News


    What were they thinking? Take a look at this:

    Iran, Hizballah upgrade war preparations, new Israel front line commander


    So, the US gives a hundred million bucks to Lebanon which is about to be taken over by Hezbollah. Brilliant! The money can then go to Iran to buy more missiles for use against Israel.

  • Betrayal of your mother country, or your ethnic heritage is nothing new, nor is it confined to those like the 2 American legislaters who released the hold on money going to Lebanon.

    During the early part of our Republic we had our Benedict Arnold, and during the Nazi atrocities of WWll, the Jews had their George Schwartz/Soros.

    There will always be those who sell out their own people for profit, or in some cases misguided revenge or philosophy.

    I am a Christian Lutheran-American who has a staunch loyalty to Israel, whom I consider one of the true friends to America. I will continue to support Israel until such time that it would be proven to me, absolutely, that they have betrayed us. We cannot expect to always agree with everything they say or do, but the thoughts of a midddle-east without the State of Israel frightens me.

  • And now that Bibi has returned from the United States, here is what Pampers has offered Israel in exchange for surrendering its sovereignty: 20 fighter jets and an automatic veto of any anti-Israel resolution or demand in the UN.

    All Israel has to do is stop construction in Judea and Samaria for 3 months, while the Arabs continue building illegally, and murdering Jews. Everyone wants peace, but only on Israel’s back.

    So here’s a different approach. It comes from this book y’all may have heard of…the Torah. G-d commands Israel: “ye shall drive out all the inhabitants of the land from before you, and destroy all their figured stones, and destroy all their molten images, and demolish all their high places.”

    Then it is revealed what will happen if they don’t do this: “if ye will not drive out the inhabitants of the land from before you, then shall those that ye let remain of them be as thorns in your eyes, and as pricks in your sides, and they shall harass you in the land wherein ye dwell.”

    Israel has tried everything else from ludicrous peace treaties to unilateral withdrawals. Every one of those actions has resulted in more Jewish dead and no peace. Let’s try the drive the genocidal nutbags out of our land plan.

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