Day: November 11, 2010

AYFKM? New Round Of Aid To Palestinian Authority Brings Total To $225 Million (UPDATED)

(Editor's Note: See Update after the post.) We KNOW we are underwater, '9.6%' unemployment, 48 million Americans on foodstamps, numerous states in budget shortfall, The Fed printing money like there is no tomorrow, and we are staring inflation dead in the eye.   Big Government does not even bat an eye; the day after the pResident's debt commission comes out with a proposal that features cutting Social Security benefits to seniors, and the mortgage interest credit for Americans than can still actually own property, Secretary of State Clinton promises ANOTHER $150 MILLION to the Palestinian Authority. ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME?…
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Obama Backs China’s Growth

(Editor's Note: For Monster readers that may be wondering where the post on the debt commission's proposal is; I'm reading it and will have something for you folks soon. At first glance, the commission is once again approaching the problem like doctors treating symptoms with meds instead of finding the underlying root causes of the affliction.) Stuart Varney interviewed Donald Trump on 11.9.10 about this statement from Obama in regards to China's growth: We want China to succeed and prosper...and we are not interested in containing that process. Spoken by a true globalist that I still believe is campaigning for…
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Stand Up And Salute Our Veterans

Thank you veterans for standing on your principles and laying down your lives to make sure America stays free.  You have done your part, and now we are doing ours. Everybody please stand for the National Anthem (and the most unbelievable rendition I have ever heard). And for those newbie readers that still do not understand our aversion to an MIA president on Veterans Day, click here.
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