Glenn Beck, 11.10.2010: The PuppetMaster, George Soros (Part 2)

(Editor’s Note:  Part 1 of George Soros the PuppetMaster can be found here.)

Once again, not much new information for regular readers, but a little bit more background on the blue print for collapse that George likes to use.  This particular show goes in depth on the five step strategy to collapse and then gain an ‘open society/globalist’ control of a government using Van Jones’ own words and the example of Czechoslovakia at the end of WWII.

Your wish for American sovereignty is a thorn in George’s side as he believes that the United States is the single greatest obstacle to a global ‘open society’ because the world’s economies have been globalized but politics are still about state sovereignty.  Yes you, America, are the problem; and we surround them.

Soros also wants his foundation network to be the conscience of the world because he believes the world currently lacks one.  For regular readers, the moment Beck unrolls the lengthy scroll of the names of those very foundations (Part 2, 11:00 mark), I guarantee you will appreciate the visual impact for all those people in the world that DO NOT know about Soros and his tentacles. Also, I am sorry to say that Beck has missed a key point of the Institute for Policy Studies pushing Obama to sign as many executive orders as possible; the point he does not cover is that the Institute is going to be writing and presenting them to Chairman Zero.

Five Steps To Control:

  • Form a shadow government using humanitarian aid as ‘cover’.  (Subversive Activities)
  • Control the media.
  • Destabilize the state.
  • Provoke election crisis.
  • Take power through mass demonstrations.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Now that Beck has covered Soros, I wonder how long we will have to wait for him to nail Bill Gates and Ted Turners’ feet to the ground?

By Logistics Monster


  • Why is no one being arrested for treason, thats what it is. George Soros and Obama deserve to be arrested for conspiracy, conspiring against American citizens. Don’t we arrest communists and treasonous acts anymore? Bring back the house on UnAmerican Activities, Darrell Issa is here “To make the President look good” his words , he can go with them. Get the marxists such as Hillary Clinton who is a member of several Soros groups and get all of them out nd all the CFR meembers, Soros nd both Clintons are members. No more treason. George Soros should have been locked up years ago for all the things he has done to America and other countries as well, Greece for instance, Copenhagen etc. Clean out the whole nest of them, Van Jonnes, the black caucus and Obama himself and get the CFR out of our lives and don’t forget the UN, they have to go. If we are going ot clean house lets get busy and clean it.

  • OT but worth noting. On this Veteran’s Day and always we should remember and give thanks. To think that our military ever has been denied their right to cast a ballot is without a doubt the most disgraceful thing our government has done.

    It Has Always Been The Soldier.

  • Thank you, Glenn Beck, for exposing this cowardly monster who felt no shame about helping imprison and kill his own people (Jews) during WWII. Soros is a piece of slime who only cares about how much money he can make and who he can manipulate in the process. The man is mentally ill (seriously.)

  • George Soros is so smug, I could just smack his face in. All he does is brag aobut the horrible things he has done, he shoudl hide his head in shamne instead of bragging. He has so many groups and organizations, one of them is run by his son, some commie org. and Hillary Clinton belongs to 3 of them and Bill Clinton also belongs to a few. I guess marxists in office is trendy now.

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