Glenn Beck, 11.8.2010: The Puppetmaster, Part 1

Glenn goes to the place that I never thought he would.  He states, unequivocally, that the American dollar is being collapsed intentionally, and wants everyone to DVR his week-long ‘Red Pill, Blue Pill’, series about George Soros, and the radicals that are starting to show themselves.  Larry McDonnell?  Are you listening?

Glenn also covers how Bernanke and Geithner (under oath) stated that the Fed would not monetize our debt, how they have just done it again to the tune of $900 Billion, and his next segment covers the projected costs of everyday food items; i.e. $62.21 for a 32oz package of granulated sugar. This segment starts in Part 2 at 5:29.  Kudos to NIA for getting the credit they deserve. BTW, NIA’s site has crashed, so try back again if you get a maintenance screen.

It is so time to end the looting that the Federal Reserve has been perpetrating for decades.

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Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

By Logistics Monster


  • Okay my dear and most favoritist blogstress, let the record show that after the sub-prime mess kicked into high gear in 2008, you and I discussed at length that Soros was going to pull a Thailand with the dollar and make a fortune. Glenn, you’re 2.5 years behind us.

    Why aren’t we on TV?

    • .. because we are just corporate-owned moos that actually know what the frak is going on and you know they don’t want the truth getting out. That’s why. God knows we are both more photogenic than Glenn.

  • Well, that’s certainly true. Maybe I should invest in some new glasses. Does he actually need those?

    • I do believe he does. He never used to wear them – I wonder if he realizes exactly why he is having neurological problems. Maybe the same reason that millions of Americans are becoming infertile, are chronically ill, have alzheimer’s, memory loss, obesity, and the list goes on. It just showed up in Beck as his eyes having issues.

      Gotta get rid of that aluminum waste somehow.

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