NIA: QE2, The Last Gasp Of A Monetary System

Does Bernanke’s move with QE2 on Wednesday look like a ‘Hail Mary’ pass to you?

From National Inflation Association:

This week, millions of Americans went to the polls to vote. They went to vote for candidates who said they were going to cut taxes, raise taxes, or keep taxes the same. But they went to make their voice heard, meanwhile, Ben Bernanke and his banking friends raised taxes on the entire world. And they did not have to go to Congress, they did not have to debate with the Obama administration or whether they were going to extend or phase out the Bush tax cuts. Instead of Americans debating about what party is going to be in power, we should be debating about whether or not we are going to phase out the Federal Reserve System completely.

QE2 The Last Gasp of a Monetary System: A Message to the World

End Of Liberty

By Logistics Monster


  • People tend to criticize one-issue voters, but I have become one.

    I have asked myself if there is one thing we could do to straighten out our economy, what would it be? My answer is END THE FED!

    The Federal Reserve System is nothing but counterfeit money cartel, and we put counterfeiters in jail, don’t we?

    When money no longer represents something of tangible valuable that has been contributed to the economy, it is no longer true money.

    How can somebody be so naive as to believe that we really can get something for nothing? The Fed acts on that belief everytime they print “money” out of thin air.

    I know Ron Paul has talked about the immorality of the what the Fed does when he has questioned Ben Bernanke. I would really like to see the moral argument the main focus of any future questioning of Bernanke.
    The moral depravity of what the Fed does needs to repeated over and over until we as a nation wake up to this fact.

    This immoral, unethical, destructive nonsense has to stop!

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