Glenn Beck, 11.5.2010: The 15-Day Decline In The Dollar

The 15 day progression of consequences of too much American debt according to Damon Vickers of Nine Points Capital.

Part 2:

Part 3:

By Logistics Monster


  • Beck’s audience needs to wake up and while I thank you for the post of the video of this program, *15-Day Decline of the Dollar), I urge all to listen/watch closely. Really hear Beck continuing (as he has in the past when Damon Vickers was a guest explaining the coming global currency and New World Order) to pronounce that he does not believe there is a ‘conspiracy’ haha and he believes these people (well who are they) believe they are doing the RIGHT THING. Beck continues to excuse historical (Federal Reserve) financial market manipulation, and historical government intrusion, continues to dismiss the danger of an unaccountable Federal Reserve system, and anything that indeed shows there is a conspiracy by way of any means possible to bring this once independent nation into a wholly planned New World Order. One only need look to the participation of the United States in the United Nations and what that body has expressed as its goals when it was created to know one world government is precisely what has been planned for the world long ago. Beck will never have guests on it’s a certainty to have knowledge there is indeed a World Constitution already crafted and has been for as long as the UN has been in existence. Wake up to Beck the nation’s biggest planned one world order denier even though his guest Damon Vickers has unveiled the conspiracy that’s not a conspiracy several times throughout his appearance on the program.

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