AARP’s Employees Pay The Price (Along With The Rest Of America)

What did America say back in 2008, 2009, and early 2010?  It all came down to the math.

  • No Bank bailouts
  • No Car company bailouts
  • No Porkulus
  • No MORE Stimulus
  • No printing of more fiat money devaluing the dollar and causing inflation
  • No Obamacare
  • No FinReg

The elites did not listen to us because we are just too stupid to be able to add 2+2, and now AARP is scrambling because of the unrealistic scheme to socialize medicine that they endorsed and promoted.

AARP has sent an email to employees stating that their insurance premiums will rise between 8% and 13% because of ‘medical inflation’ with Obamacare being only a small part of the equation.  AARP is also getting hit with the 40% ‘nudge’ tax for premium plans.  Thanks Cass Sunstein. (Source: Yahoo News/AP)   For an alternative to AARP, check out 60 Plus Association.

THIS is what happens when The Fed is allowed to print money willy-nilly, monetize the debt, and the progressive left-wing of the Democratic party goes overboard on setting up the holy grail of nanny-state structures.

It has been like dealing with a bunch of crack-smokin’ teenagers, but the good news is that their unbelievably non-mathematical behavior has caused enough Americans to vocally and actively mobilize to create the real change we have been looking for over the last few DECADES.  These very elites who think ‘better’ than us have created the firestorm.  “Yes, it’s going to be different this time around.”

Thank You Ben, Timmie, Nancy, Barry, Harry, AARP, etc.


By Logistics Monster


  • There was no need of a COLA increase for Social Security Beneficiaries since there was no inflation. It’s a good thing that was explained before this AARP announcement or we might think that this was inflation raising its ugly head.

    Deceit from the AARP? I wonder how many members they will lose because of this? They have truly joined hands with Oblamahblamah.

    • Inflation? Who knew? Let’s pour more money into the system than we ever have before – but it’ll be okay because we are Super Fed!

  • I bet those idiots at AARP were told that if they throw their support for Obama care , they would be exempt…Gee, do you think they were lied to?….Dumb ass suckers, they deserve it!

  • Grail Guardian -

    AARP has been in the Obama bag from the get go. They sold out seniors 2+ years ago.

  • JasperCounty -

    AARP lost two: husband and myself by June 2009, and two brothers by July 2009. I’ve been spreading the word to anyone who has signed or is thinking of signing with them, that AARP promoted the Healthcare Reform.

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