The Sultan Travels To India With A $200 Million Dollar a Day Tab (UPDATED: 34 Warships)

(Update, 11.4.2010: The White House is now saying that this figure is incorrect and will not state how much the trip is going to cost. They are saying that the $200 million a day figure is a rumor. I guess we will have to wait and see how much it actually does cost us at a time when the true unemployment is in double digits and millions of Americans are in foreclosure. $200 million a day is not that farfetched an idea when we are talking about the Narcissist-in-Chief and his Empress.)

Yes, we really do want our sultan President very own Xerxes to travel in style with (6 oops) 40 airplanes, 3 disassembled Marine One helicopters, 850+ hotel rooms split between two hotels, 3000 SS and assorted attendants, etc, etc, etc., with a $200 million dollar tab per day for the 3 day trip. We really do want to reward Chairman Zero for his handling of the economy, other domestic issues, and foreign diplomatic situations over the last two years, don’t we?  Doesn’t he deserve it?  We can afford it; just make sure to use powered milk, better yet; make the sacrifice for our great leader and only partake of bread and water.

I’m convinced he isn’t coming back which would be an interesting bittersweet moment; no more Obama, but Biden running the country.  Which is worse?

US to spend $200 mn a day on Obama’s Mumbai visit

Mumbai: The US would be spending a whopping $200 million (Rs. 900 crore approx) per day on President Barack Obama’s visit to the city.

“The huge amount of around $200 million would be spent on security, stay and other aspects of the Presidential visit,” a top official of the Maharashtra Government privy to the arrangements for the high-profile visit said.

About 3,000 people including Secret Service agents, US government officials and journalists would accompany the President. Several officials from the White House and US security agencies are already here for the past one week with helicopters, a ship and high-end security instruments.

According to;

According to an official with the Indian government, about 3,000 people including Secret Service agents, US government officials and journalists would accompany the President.

The average annual income in India is $460.

86% of the population lives under $2 per day; 44% lives under $1 per day


34 warships sent from US for Obama visit

He will also be protected by a fleet of 34 warships, including an aircraft carrier, which will patrol the sea lanes off the Mumbai coast during his two-day stay there beginning Saturday. The measure has been taken as Mumbai attack in 2008 took place from the sea.

By Logistics Monster


  • If he does not come back, who gets custody of the teleprompter, is it possible to have an opinion with it. Does the teleprompter receive life time benefits if it serves just one term. Such uncharted waters, is there a precedent?

    • Meant without it. I have got to quit now and just watch the returns.

  • I have a few things to say…big surprise. First, Pampers wishes he had abs like that. Second, I hate to break it to you folks, but Teleprompter is going to India, along with several alternates. They will all be lubed, serviced, gold-plated and outsourced. C’mon, you think he’s spending $200 million on hotels and chefs? Think big people. And why bring a chef? I guess pencil neck can’t handle all that spicy food…what a douchebag.

  • a little confused here….how is it that the barking troll can travel international waters w/ 34 battleships & NOT cause an international sht storm?….esp. w/ that nuclear button….??

  • LetsHelpAmerica -

    Oh, come on you guys! Do you really think it’s too much to ask for 34 battleships???

    And, what’s the big deal about a mere 200 million dollars a day??? We already know that the Fed can print much more than that right out of thin air.

    I say you are being too harsh on our commander-in-thief. Afterall, he’s been under lots of stress lately. He’ll never get off meds and quit smoking without a nice relaxing and GRAND vacation.

    I say, he’s remaining consistent……even while on vacation. Under tremendous stress and anxiety, the loss of Democrates controlling the House of Reps, the increased souring of his popularity, our commander-in-thief is still working hard!!!!! Even on vacation he is doing everything in his power to DESTROY our country.
    He’s working hard on that ” Change ” promise……you can’t deny it!!! Change from Republic to Socialist Democracy! Change from US Constitution to UN Charter…..
    The guy needs vacation time! He’s only had 2,354 vacations this year! Give him a break!!

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