Sarah Palin’s Thoughts About The GOP Landslide, 11.2.2010

Neil Cavuto interviewing Sarah Palin on Fox Business Network about the elections and the GOP landslide that has occurred. Gov. Palin believes that Obama is not humble enough to come to the middle (no shock there), and that the GOP could be completely destroyed if they don’t take up the mantle of responsibility and act accordingly.

By Logistics Monster


  • SimonKenton -

    Gov.Sarah Palin is the solid, Christian, down-to-earth, true hearted American citizen we need in these times of economic frustration. Back biting her and her platform of citizen responsibility, thru comments about her diction or her appearance demeans the Country. She doesn’t claim to have all the answers, but she doesn’t intend to fix the State of our Union by herself. Get up America! Help her heal our Country.

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