MSM Antics: ‘Where Did Obama Go Wrong?’

Yes, put your beverages down before you start this video of Katie Couric asking, “Where did Obama go wrong to really have this happen to him during the midterm elections?” I am wondering if I start taking whatever Katie happens to be on, will I be able to sleep better at night?

More entertainment from the crew over at MSNBC making fun of Michele Bachmann as a person with a sign asking “How’s the tingle Chris?” goes by in the background.

And now for the topper; a Washington Post op-ed.  All emphasis from this point on is to highlight comments.

And now for the next battle

President Obama allowed Republicans to define the terms of the nation’s political argument for the past two years and permitted them to draw battle lines the way they wanted. Neither he nor his party can let that happen again.

Yes, the millions of tea party patriots had absolutely nothing to do with the political argument.

Democrats would be foolish to turn in on themselves in a fruitless battle over whether their troubles owe to a failure to mobilize and excite their base or to win support from the political center. In fact, Democrats held onto moderate voters while losing independents. What hurt them most was this brute fact: Voters younger than 30 made up 18 percent of the electorate in 2008 but only about half that on Tuesday, according to network exit polls. This verdict was rendered by a much older and much more conservative electorate. Yes, there was an enthusiasm gap.

Given this argument, the dems progressives will continue down their progressive yellow brick road while we womp them again in 2 years.

This only underscored that Tuesday’s results mark the beginning of the next round, not the end of the contest. Before the next election – which will be decided by a broader electorate – progressives, including Obama, have to be wiser about the fights they pick, more focused on the country’s economic pain, and as shrewd as their adversaries have been in promoting debates that rally their troops and advance their goals.

I agree that this is by no means the end of the contest; sane, thinking human beings now have to make sure the republicans do the job they were sent to the District of Criminals to do.

Obama was not wrong to fight for health care, to stimulate the economy when it was in deep peril, or to push for financial reform. But by failing to defend these achievements, the president and his allies opened the way for partisan critics, who shifted the conversation to airy language about “big government” and “bailouts.” One result: Only a third of Tuesday’s electorate, exit polls indicated, thought the stimulus had made the economy better.

Only a third think the stimulus made the economy better because they happen to be in the bottom third of the class.  The rest of us unemployed and homeless moos know better.  THE NUMBERS DON’T LIE!

Now Obama needs to offer proposals that advance the common interest and progressive ideals in ways that force Republicans to pay a price for opposing them. The economy still needs far more support, and Obama should take up the old Republican idea of revenue-sharing by offering states large-scale assistance to prevent layoffs and tax increases. This would be welcomed by the many new Republican governors. Will congressional Republicans really want to pick a fight with them?

Ah, there is the strategy; make the Republicans pay the price by using their own party against them and laying traps. More divisive tactics.

Obama should also push forward with an infrastructure bank, which has bipartisan support. There is no better time to rebuild our nation’s crumbling public facilities than when borrowing is cheap. And he should address the decline of American manufacturing, a prime cause of the discontent that roils the Midwest.

For more information on the infrastructure bank and what a lousy, progressive, globalist idea that is, go here.

By Logistics Monster


  • The most obvious mistake Obama and the media elite has made is to disrespect the Tea Party movement. If Katie Couric had ever had an honest conversation with Tea Party goers, or for that matter an average American who pays taxes and works themselves half to death, she would know what went wrong.

    It’s not like there were not signs, written in English, speeches, spoken in English. No reason to act surprised when you ignored the message being sent.

  • no-nonsense-nancy -

    Wow, DT, I made it through all 6 minutes and 32 seconds of that. Wasn’t easy. They are so corrupt with their propaganda. They are really sickening. And to think I used to watch them every day. Where was my head?

    I agree, Kathy. There is no respect for the tea party patriots. I read an article on Yahoo news this morning about the GOP BooHooing today about not winning the majority in the senate and blaming it on the tea party candidates who lost. It was a matter of them, the GOP, not backing the tea party candidates who won their primaries. they think only establishment party people can win elections and govern. They are all so elitist.

  • The most glaring, idiotic error of all, of course, was to put this moronic, drug addicted, angry illegal alien muslim in the White House in the first place. Had they let Hillary win–as she did–no one would have been the wiser; the Tea Party movement would never have started, and the moos would all still be safely asleep at the wheel. With this outrage foisted upon Americans, they have had no choice but to remove the blather of main stream media, seek and speak the facts, and mobilize an entire country against this blatant disaster.

    One can barely suppress a giggle, thinking of just whose heads rolled over THAT big boo boo…and how many…


  • Honestly, my favorite moment was when Rachel Madcow tried to mock the sign’s implication that somehow MSNBC is in the tank for Momama. How these people maintain enough mental faculty to not accidentally suffocate themselves by getting their heads jammed up a horse’s ass is one of the great mysteries of our time.

    It would be worth seeing Palin get elected President just to watch Chris, Madcow and Uberdouche’s heads implode on live TV.

    • I pay my last dime to see that! On the bright side, the liberal MSM has come out of the closet to entertain us on a daily basis.

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