Paging Martha Stewart To The White House

What would one expect the President of the United States and Leader Of The Free World to be doing on the day of the biggest election in our lifetimes? Maybe something to do with the election, the economy, unemployment, inflation, world conflict, etc.

Nope, he’s doing a radio interview with the very famous, talented, and totally irrelevant Ryan Seacrest.

Smells like desperation, doesn’t it? This administration absolutely needs to hire Martha Stewart for scheduling and protocol. She might actually get this teenager to understand what is befitting a president and what is not. I, once again, am totally embarrassed by the guy that was installed in the White House in 2008.

5 thoughts on “Paging Martha Stewart To The White House”

  1. And tomorrow he is off to India with almost all of the White House staff plus military and naval ships to rent the ENIIRE Tasmahall(spelling) and another whole hotel. For what purpose is that? Running, maybe? He needs to be arrested before he gets on that plane!


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