In the greatest understatement of the century, I am going to unequivocally say that the economy sucks rocks, and because of it, I need sponsors.

I started writing this blog in June, 2008, long before Obama was installed in an attempt to educate enough people as to the narcissistic, wealth redistributor that he is. I carried this site financially until January 2010 when 5 sponsors stepped up and started covering the costs of the server after I lost my job in September of 2009.  My spousal unit lost his job seven months ago, and though we are making ends meet, we are about to be dead in the water as we are two of the millions of Americans that cannot find a job as our former industries have been collapsed.

It’s time to re-invent myself yet again, and I already have the greatest of opportunities.  I have built a website that gets more than 4000 unique visitors a day, with thousands of page views and some very interesting visitors ranging from the White House, The Fed, to our daily visitor, Department of Homeland Security.  I don’t have advertisers because I don’t want the message being blackmailed, and to be honest, the left and the right really don’t know what to make of this site.  I am neither a progressive lefty nor a right-wing conservative; I am a Constitutionalist.

Logistics Monster requires between 100 and 200 sponsors (depending on monthly sponsor donations of $10 to $20) in order to turn what has been an uncompensated labor of love and patriotic duty into a way to provide for my family. I need folks to reward the hard work and due diligence of an American that has brought you the news and research that LM has become known for over the years, and wishes to continue to do so. I have done the work and brought stories to my readers that NOBODY else has covered (FinReg, 401(k), DHS).  I want to turn lemons into lemonade, but I need your help.

Please be one of the 100-200 (of thousands that visit) that compensates the value of the work and steps up by becoming a ‘Monster Sponsor‘.

Thank you.

and on behalf of Tiger’s efforts, I put out the call for everyone to dig deep and send 20 bucks and or find someone supporting a valuable candidate to dig out 10 people to send 20 bucks to Tiger to launch this venture; give up a bottle of wine or happy hour or a steak just one day and pass it on to her somewhere she has a donate click. – Comment left by Granny

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A very special Mahalo to my four current sponsors that have continued to make sure the site is independent and able to bring the truth unhindered.

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