The Progressive Election Push Is On: Noncitizens and Illegals Voting

On the heels of an emerging debate about allowing noncitizens to vote in our elections, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals today has struck down an Arizona voting law protecting the legitimacy of the polls.

Associate Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and Justice Sandra Ikuta have struck down Arizona’s proof of citizenship requirement that the voters of Arizona passed in 2004. Chief judge Alex Kozinski dissented on the opinion. (Source: Pueblo Politics)

Stay focused people, and try to keep your tempers in check when the voter fraud becomes even more blatant than it is now.  The progressives have been exposed; there are many more constitutional conservatives than the left realizes, and the true battle begins on November 3rd.

By Logistics Monster


  • I would urge all first to vote but please pay attention to the judges. While DC is the main focus the judges who are elected on every level are helping to turn us into a progressive state. We have to watch all fronts, this is an extreme example of the games they play but every day judges all over the country are trying to ram their political views and agendas down our throats. All you have to do is see who appointed them, if they are not elected, and decide from there where their loyalties lie.

    From my point of view they are like any other incumbent. If you do not like the job they are doing, do not vote to let them retain the job.

  • clemintine -

    per my understanding of the ruling, the only part struck down was the proof of citizenship when registering to vote. those wanting to cast ballots still must provide i.d. at the polling site. if they are unable to provide adequate i.d., they will be given a provisional ballot. that ballot is held for 5 days, pending provision of appropriate i.d.

    arizona does not provide on site, day of election registering for the current election, so that will not be an issue. in addition, when voting a provisional ballot you sign a statement attesting to the validity of the info you provided, under penalty of perjury. all requests for “permanent early ballots” still require proof of citizenship before the request is granted.

    this law had already passed the 9th circuit and DOJ. this ruling was by a 3 judge panel of the 9th. plans to submit for review (again) by the full court are in the works.

    i think it is idiotic that proof of citizenship to register is not required in all 50 states. would be a good project for the tea parties in each state to do before 2012……

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