Glenn Beck, 10.26.2010: Into The Lion’s Den

Glenn has a studio audience today discussing getting off the couch and voting in next week’s election. He has powerhouse constitutional conservatives, Michele Bachmann, Jason Chaffetz, and Jim DeMint as guests speaking to what they need to help them as they go into the lion’s den in the District of Criminals.

(H/T CaptainUSA)

By Logistics Monster


  • no-nomnsense-nancy -

    I hope that Americans will be smart on election day and get out and vote. If you aren’t sure who you want or you don’t like either candidate go to their web page and see how they have voted on issues or how they stand on the issues. It is very easy to get a sample ballot for your area on line so that when you get to the poles you know who is running and who you intend to vote for. I did that last evening and it didn’t take me very long to decide who I want. I hate to admit it but I have consistently gone to the poles and had no idea who some of the local and state candidates were. This year I decided that I am not going to be in this position. I compared stances on issues for each one and came to my decisions. It took me abut an hour. Everybody should have an hour in the next week to do that if they are not sure about who they want. You just have to be careful that you aren’t going by what they’re opponent is saying about them because there are plenty of sites which give you that.

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