Charles Krauthammer: ‘Not With A Bang Or A Whimper’

Charles Krauthammer on the real Obama showing his true colors with the divisionist speak that has been happening on the campaign trail.

I think this is how the great post-partisan, post-racial promise of Obama ends; not with a bang or a whimper but with a display of unbelievable presidential smallness. He isn’t only urging hispanics to punish enemies, he’s criticizing hispanics who don’t. And this is the man who told us, this is what propelled him into the spotlight of the country, ‘we’re not a blue America, we’re not a red America, we’re not a black America, hispanic America‘. Now he tells us on the eve on an election, we actually are a hispanic America, anglo America. We aren’t only separate, but in a sense, we are enemies. I don’t even think he uses the word enemy when describing the president of Iran or Hugo Chavez, but he uses it against anglos who believe in the Arizona law. Good grief. I mean this really is something that people who believed him in ’08, I think believed a lie, against all evidence. This really is a man who sat in the pew of Jeremiah Wright for twenty years; some of us have suspected, was not exactly the man who hovered above it all and would bring us all together the way he promised, and I think this display, even though it is pre-election, you can write it off as an extreme, I think this really is the authentic Obama, and I think it is really disappointing.

I personally utterly disagree with A.B. Stoddard (at 3:00) when she states that Obama is going to offer an olive branch to the Republicans, run to the center and reach across the aisle after the pubs take control of the congress because he will be running for re-election. Where has this pundit been hanging out for the last 3 years? We know the Narcissist-In-Chief isn’t going to back down, the whining will continue, and the ratcheting up of hard-core speech like ‘punish our enemies‘ and ‘boot upon their necks‘ will become a daily headline on Drudge.  We also know that Obama will not (after much thought and urging from Mishy Antoinette) run for re-election; rather taking the cash and notoriety and running for a far distant country.  How does he expect to meet the eligibility issue that is surely going to come up, yet again, when he runs for re-election?

By Logistics Monster


  • no-nomnsense-nancy -

    He better not escape to some other country. He needs to be arrested and prosecuted for high treason and imprisoned in solitary confinement with no communication with anyone for the rest of his life. he can continue to do harm to our country if he is in some foreign country or even in prison. If Americans allow him to get out of the country then they are even more idiotic than I give them credit for being.
    And what of this supposed trip to Indonesia immediately after election day, like the day after? He could get over there and announce his resignation immediately and he would already be out of the country. I wouldn’t put it past him. He could care less about the US and what we stand for or what an act like that would do to the country.

    • I have held from the beginning that he has not committed treason because he is not an American citizen and impeaching him would foist legitimacy on his usurpation. IMHO.

      Now Bush, Pelosi, SCOTUS and others are in a different boat; a boat full of traitors.

  • The only bang I want to see is the door hitting his handcuffs as he’s dragged out of the White House in the same chains with which he’s tried to oppress Americans.

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