…And They Thought We Were Astroturf

Remember to VOTE! Take your neighbors to the polls; having voting entourages; whatever legal measures it takes to spank this Congress so hard that they never forget what happens when the giant awakes.

Yes, we are that sick of the District of Criminals…

A Light Moment in the Dark Ages

I want to know when we are going to see banksters doing the perp walk and going to jail for what they have done?

By Logistics Monster


    • Of course it’s been rigged, but there are way too many of us looking for any little discrepancy. After the blatant fraud in the last (many) presidential elections, not much is going to get by. When a candidate who is up by 15 points loses an election – what do you think is going to happen inside that district? Do you think that the election officials are going to call that much attention to themselves during this election? No. This election is going to go by pretty quietly because they need us to go back to sleep before 2012.

  • DT, we are going to have to start building more jails, I guess in that regard DC will provide more jobs.

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