Pence: “No Compromise”

Greta interviewing Rep. Mike Pence about bi-partisanship in Congress once the Republicans take back control of the House.

I want to be very, very clear with people around the country. There is going to be no compromise on ending the era of runaway federal spending, borrowing, bailouts, takeovers, deficits, and debt. No compromise on repealing Obamacare, lock, stock, and barrel. – Mike Pence

I will believe it when I see it because I don’t believe it right now. As for bi-partisanship and getting something done in the District of Criminals; compromising so that the bills that are shoved through are not as bad as the pieces of crap that the Progressive Dems hammered us with IS NOT going to cut it with the American public.  There had better be no half measures or piece meal repeal of certain parts of Obamacare or the Fascist Financial Regulation Reform law.   Americans are livid that our time, energy, and money was wasted ramming Obamacare down our throats, but we are willing to cut our losses and START OVER FROM SCRATCH with billS that reflect American values and not European Collectivism.

6 thoughts on “Pence: “No Compromise””

  1. The last 2 years have got to be erased, anything else will get whoever is elected in Nov. booted out in 2012.

    There is no comprise on this and if they think this issue is going away they are absolutely insane. Those of us who have stayed with this for the past few years and who have educated others are not stopping in Nov.

    We are no longer alone out in the wilderness we have plenty of company now and more are on board each day.

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  6. linked up on our fb pages.. tks Tiger..

    MORE REASON to get out the vote.. HE NEEDS HELP…. good job again Tiger….

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