Glenn has a complex show today starting with Nancy’s misinformation campaign about foreign donations to affect the outcome of elections. He then spends time explaining the relationship between ‘Spooky Dude’ Soros, the Tides Foundation, Drummond Pike, and the Huffington Post’s new investigative division being run by the Tides Foundation. For those that want to know what’s up with Drummond Pike and Tides, please check out ‘Houston, We Have A Problem: Let’s Start With Tides‘ from AUGUST 30, 2009. I did, of course, include the Muckety Map and pages of research on Drummond and his associated groups.

Part 2, The left boycotting Beck for two years, the new campaign against the Chamber of Commerce and the American people.  The tea party is against the bailouts, and Nancy’s comments about how the republicans destroyed the economy.  Glenn covers the Community Reinvestment Act started by Carter and beefed up by Clinton and Dems that provided mortgages to people that could not pay them.

Part 3, The media circus that covers absolutely silly candidates like Alvin Green (SC), Jimmy MacMillan from the NY governor’s debate (Rent is Too Damn High Party), and Kristen Davis (NY Madam) instead of covering Americans with integrity like Justin Amash (MI) and Allen West (FL).  For those that still don’t know about Allen West’s firing of a service revolver over the head of a captured insurgent and the aftermath of his actions, check out ‘Honor In Iraq’ following this part of Beck.  Beck also talks about tomorrow’s show covering this document: 1936 Recovery and Re-Election or Radicalism.

Allen West: ‘Honor In Iraq’

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