Yesterday, while tromping through the labyrinth doing research on one subject, I ran across a piece of information I did not know about possible voter fraud that occurred in Texas and Illinois (imagine that?) during the Nixon/Kennedy presidential race. It appears that the Dems and Repubs have been at this for a very long time; which brings me to the subject of this post.

This evening, a blockbuster interview by The Dame Truth with Kathleen Wynne over the continuing voter fraud in our country will be held at 11pm eastern.  I urge my readers to tune in and hear the latest from one of the unsung heroes of information gathering when it comes to the voter fraud that has been happening, and what we can do to derail the organizations behind it.

The #$*&^Dame Truth About Election Fraud

By thedametruth, on October 18th, 2010

Fight Election Fraud

I started working on exposing election fraud the minute I realized the extent to which corruption in the DNC had developed in the spring of 2008.  Since that time, I have met countless Americans, witnessed both the best and the worse of human nature, and pledged to myself and anyone else who’s interested that I will continue to work for our country and its Constitution until I draw my last breath.

That being said, however, it is patently obvious that little can actually be accomplished unless we have open, honest and legal voting.  Regardless of what ideology one believes, we can all agree that we cannot go forward unless and until we have a vote unencumbered by voter fraud, intimidation and the vast web of corruption that has co opted our elections for many years, and culminated in an idealistic, painfully uninformed segment stealing an election for an individual who is not only not qualified to run a country, but is also ineligible to do so according to Article II Section 1 of our Constitution.

Kathleen Wynne

My guest on tomorrow’s Dame Truth Radio is Kathleen Wynne, whose tireless investigative research and documentation of election fraud has resulted in breaking the money trail wide open between Diebold and various public officials; as former associate direction of BlackBoxVoting, her full time endeavor brought the facts to the forefront and resulted in many Americans learning the truth about their vote.  But our work has just begun.  Join us Monday at 11 PM EST on Dame Truth Radio or click on the Listening button to the right if you don’t want to miss the first in the series of one of the most explosive, informative issues of the season.

For more links and info on election fraud and Kathleen’s work, see:

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Kathleen Wynne, with contributions from Karen Renick, recent article regarding the Supreme Court’s decision and how it directly relates to the elections process.  How The American People Can Defeat Unlimited Corporate Money and Influence in Elections

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