The Judge has an excellent show today starting out with indie maverick Jesse Ventura speaking about his distrust of all government officials, political parties, the unlawful tracking of all Americans by the feds, and the conspiracies he is following. The Judge also interviews Christine O’Donnell about the race in Delaware, and follows up with Jim Rodgers and the tanking of the economy.

Part 1/4, Jesse Ventura, Matt Kibbe, Tea Party Patriots and The Fed:

Part 2/4: Christine O’Donnell with information stating that Coons’ family business will profit from Cap & Trade, and Jim Rodgers on gold and the currency bubble:

Part 3/4: Foreclosure-Gate and the possible moratorium on all foreclosures that the government is debating, the deficit and banker bonuses:

Part 4/4, George Mason University professor and economist, Walter Williams on raising taxes on the ‘rich’, and the plain truth about the two political parties in America; the Big Government Party and The Tea Party:

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