O’Reilly’s Truth Sends Behar and Goldberg Over The Edge

Bill O’Reilly’s politically incorrect truth about muslims killing innocents on 9.11 sends Joy and Whoopi into a liberal left indignation-fest.  They are so upset that they walk off stage, and then are chastised by Babs herself over their childish behavior.  Elizabeth Hasselbeck makes an excellent point when she reminds the viewers that Chairman Zero himself stopped using the description ‘terrorists’ and replaced it with radical muslims, thereby tying terrorism closer to the Islamic faith.

There is truth, and then there is the spin machine that the libtard moonbats want you to believe.

What do you think would happen to Joy and Whoopi if they were forced to listen to historical facts about Islam?

Lt. Col. Allen West answers a blogger’s (and former marine) question about whether or not Islam has been warped to attack America…(Hint: No).

By Logistics Monster


  • What a couple of whining babies, they can trash talk all they want but when confronted with facts they walk off. Have they ever thought how they might look in burkas, do they care about sharia law and honor killings.

    I do not watch the chatty catty talk shows, a bunch of overpaid woman expressing opinions on subjects they do not have facts or care what the facts are. I am just wondering who does watch these people, would that be the ones on the government pay roll, with lot’s of time on their hands and no ambition to get the facts for themselves.

    Allen West is such the truth teller and man of honor, I pray God keeps him safe so he can help us right these wrong.

  • Interesting response the “gals” had to O’Reilly. I guess they’ll put on any kind of a show of drama if it means they can demonize someone that disagrees with them. Cloward and Piven must be so proud!

    Please note that at no pint did any of the View hosts have any single fact to refute what O’Reilly said. They just started taking personal swings at him because that’s all the extreme left has left.

    I can see November from everywhere.

  • Robin in Texas -

    God Bless Colonel Allen West. He understands completely. The radical Muslims are those that believe people of all faiths can live in harmony. The radical Muslims are those that want to live the America dream. The radical Muslims left their lands of birth to escape persecution. Radical Muslims convert to other Faiths or lose Faith completely. The Muslims that want all non-Muslims to submit or die are not radical, this is true Islam as written by the prophet. The history of Islam provides all the evidence you need to understand.

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