1994 or 1894?

Sean Hannity interviewing Michael Barone about the possibility of this midterm election looking more like 1894 than 1994. In 1894, the GOP picked up 130 seats. Whichever year it resembles, a bitchslap of gigantic proportions is coming for the Democratic Party, and after their stewardship of the last four years, it can’t come soon enough.

By Logistics Monster


  • Yes indeed! Thing is…they know they’re toast, so they’re making not-so-veiled threats about going around Congress by simply making decrees, “XOs” or whatever. The BOOBincharge has more than once referred to congress as a subject for “hand to hand combat,” and made numerous other unsavory references to them as well. They’re not about to, as Dylan Thomas warns, “…go gentle into that good night.” They made it clear that they anticipate a fight and will, as they have in the past, stop at nothing to get their way, regardless of the ill effects on our nation, its Constitution, its People or the World At Large. You know it; I know it; EVERYone knows it.

    • And, btw, the Paul Krugmans of the world know it too–and heartily subscribe. This morning on ABC’s Christiane Amanpour, he spoke so disparagingly of those who are alarmed at the direction in which they have pushed our country that, instead of sounding like a voice of reason disparaging “fringe extremists,” he personified them himself. Nearly everyone on the panel disagreed with him and their calm reasoning and, believe it or not–THEIR SIMPLY STATING THE TRUTH!–stopped him in his tracks, but not before exposing him for the Leftist shill that he is. If there was ever any doubt about Krugman’s credibility before, there certainly shouldn’t be now.

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