Got Real Vision?

Yet another sleepless night with 25 days to go before we know exactly how big the tsunami that is about to wash over the democrats is, or whether or not it is going to make any difference at all to the current state of affairs.

How many of you can relate?  Sleepless night after sleepless night worried about still not being able to find a job because you are too old and not one, but two, former industries have been completely collapsed by the progressives in Congress, the White House, and the Federal Reserve?  Worried about becoming homeless with a child that already has PTSD and wondering how that is going to affect their ability to cope.  Constantly worried about a family member becoming ill and not having any medical insurance.  Constantly worried about how to pay the bills and put enough food on the table to keep the family mentally and physically coherent.  Waiting and praying that there will actually be a collective sigh of relief when the Congress is flipped, and hoping that the Republicans don’t turn their ‘chance’ for redemption into one big cluster**** that drives us further into depression.

Is that resonating?

The GOP has put forward their ‘Pledge To America‘ that lacks creativity, bold reasoning, decisive measures, and for lack of a better word, vision. In their rush to sell themselves to moderates and indies, they have created a lukewarm beginning to the problems that face this country and have NOT embraced their ‘inner no’.

I have a better idea.  Want to hear vision?  My readers will let me know if I’m over the line on what I believe needs to be done.  Time to think outside the box when it comes to hitting the escape key on this system and re-inventing America once again.

Vision For America

  • CUT SPENDING!  Make earmarks illegal.  If a program does not fit inside the guidelines of the Constitution, it becomes mincemeat.  Considering the items that follow, there will be more than enough money for Americans to make sure those turtles have crossings, and whatever replaces the NEA (privately) will be able to make art happen.
  • Cut Spending – Abolish the private banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve System, cut up the credit card they provide to Congress, and stop paying interest on our money.  That is the most heinously idiotic damn thing I have ever heard.
  • Break the unholy alliance between the six biggest banks in the country and the federal government. Shut down the revolving door between Goldman Sachs and their brethren and the Treasury Department.
  • Cut Spending – Abolish the IRS whose entire existence revolves around siphoning off Americans’ wealth in order for the progressives to redistribute our wealth to the rest of the world, and to make sure the Federal Reserve Mafia gets their interest.  We would save $12.1 BILLION immediately, and give over 100,000 Americans a chance to make a living doing something they can take pride in.
  • Institute a fair or flat tax that is consumption based.  This would bring trillions of dollars in investment money back from the Caymans and other offshore banking areas, and it would tax the underground economy.
  • Repeal Obamacare and replace it with a free market solution that TAKES EMPLOYERS out of medical insurance completely.  How many of you feel like indentured servants having to take certain positions or stay at companies because they have you over a barrel with your benefits?  How many healthy Americans are being penalized with higher premiums because other members of the group policy haven’t taken care of themselves and are using benefits like water?  How many of us don’t even have benefits because we aren’t employed?
  • Repeal the Dodd/Frank financial reform FIASCO that gives even more control over Americans through banking institutions and their money, yet doesn’t address the biggest factor in the continuing housing collapse – GSEs Fannie and Freddie.  Fannie Mae has returned to its subprime lending terms on foreclosures, while we are still shelling out billions to keep Fannie and Freddie afloat.
  • Remove the federal government as the guarantor of last resort for credit cards (bank bailouts), student loans, mortgages, etc.  This IS NOT their job and never was.  Is it in the Constitution?  Nope!  Shitcan it.
  • Pass a Constitutional Amendment making presidential czars and federal government agency mandates illegal.  If the EPA wants to tell Americans that carbon dioxide is pollution, it has to be debated by elected officials.  If Cass Sunstein wants to ‘nudge‘ America, he is going to have to receive permission from us.
  • Take Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid away from Congress and the Treasury.  The lockbox for these government entitlement programs was a flat out lie and has never existed.  I am sure with minds like Steve Jobs, Steve Wynn, Donald Trump, and Hermain Cain, we can find a profitable, yet safe, retirement savings avenue for Americans to watch over their nest eggs.
  • Remove the United Nations from our country, literally and figuratively.  Rescind treaties under the guise of the United Nations; STOP sending Americans’ wealth to them; kick the IMF and World Bank out.  Deal with the fallout and then not only play by the rules, but write laws that protect America’s sovereignty.  It may be a global village (according to the Fabian Socialists) but without a leader, it will become even more chaotic.
  • Pass a Constitutional Amendment that forbids a central bank system from being established in America ever again, and remove the Treasury Department’s involvement with the Bank of International Settlements.
  • Stop using the power of the Executive Branch to strong-arm the world into compliance with what the global elites feel is in their best interest.  We don’t give a flying squirrel’s fluffy freakin’ tail what you want; you are wealthy enough already.  You aren’t going to be allowed to become yet wealthier by using shady underhanded schemes; i.e. Iraq and Afghanistan.  Thanks George and Dick.
  • Introduce and pass legislation that forbids think-tanks and NGOs from writing legislation; i.e. Apollo Alliance – Stimulus Bill or the Council on Foreign Relations.
  • Assign a Congressional task force to examine and recommend repeal of laws that have been passed in the last 150 years that are blatantly un-Constitutional, threaten liberty, privacy, and free enterprise.
  • Repeal the Patriot Act in it’s entirety.
  • STOP SPYING ON AMERICANS with cameras, illegal wiretapping, data mining protocols, etc.  Tighten the supervision of America’s intelligence community, and require them to share the data they do acquire.
  • Remove American military bases from islamic countries.  Stop providing the radical jihadists with another reason to attack America.
  • Introduce and pass legislation that forbids genetically modified organisms from being produced and require the multinational companies creating this organisms to clean up the pollution that they have introduced to the environment.  Are you listening Monsanto?
  • Introduce and pass legislation that forbids Big Pharma from creating viruses, patenting them, and patenting the genetic code of Earth’s lifeforms.
  • Introduce and pass legislation that forbids ‘Too Big To Fail’.
  • Introduce and pass legislation that requires term limits.
  • Introduce and pass legislation that makes lobbying illegal.
  • Pass a Constitutional Amendment protecting Americans’ right to bear arms – in perpetuity.
  • Pass a Constitutional Amendment that requires nominees to the United States Supreme Court to actually have judicial bench time.  Also require that the nominee in question not have been in the employ of the Executive or Legislative Branches, and show a history of interpreting law according to the Constitution and American Sovereignty.
  • Pass a Constitutional Amendment that emphatically states what a Natural Born Citizen is (born on American soil to two American citizens), and then require all candidates to comply with requirements proving they are natural born for the office they are seeking (if required).
  • Close the freakin’ border!  Understand that Mexican citizens are  ‘invading’ sovereign American soil and we will not tolerate it.  Locate and deport all illegal aliens as their prize for disrespecting our country and breaking our laws.

How’s that for a rant session?  Please feel free to add what you believe should be done to get our country back on the right track.

I’m going to try to sleep now…

By Logistics Monster


  • Diamond, I believe you have covered it pretty well, but my head still hurts and my stomach is still queasy. I’ve had a continuing migaine for over a week now, with no lessening, which makes it almost impossible to sleep. My eyes are blurry and my brain is dizzy and the little time I do settle down, I’m on the telephone trying to do my part in getting out the vote.

    If you find the magic recipe to get some sleep let me know. I am on the computer at such ungodly hours in the middle of the night looking for information that might give me some satisfaction (I don’t use the word HOPE anymore, it has lost all meaning for me).

    You might add to your list a wish that The Treasury Department woul stop pushing Sharia Banking. No more seminars teaching American bankers the glories of money available from the muslim countries. Their seminar entitled Sharia Finance 101 was not needed in the U.S. At least Neil Kashkari is no longer there to lend his help.

    • I meant migraine. When my head hurts this much and I am sleep deprived my fingers don’t work either.

    • Lee – you get it. I would be resting and/or sleeping if I actually could but every time I try to do either of those things, all I can think about is what is happening with our economy, jobs, healthcare, inflation, etc., etc., etc. I have been living this nightmare since the middle of 2006 and I think that is why I can’t relax…been going on too long and I refuse to pay some doctor hundreds of dollars out of my pocket (that I don’t have) to give me a prescription for a sleeping pill. F*** that. I’d rather fix the country.

      The Fed is freakin’ worried about deflation and inflation — I was ‘able’ to go to the grocery store a couple of days ago and some of the normal staple items have gone up FIFTY FREAKIN’ PERCENT.

      I want Bernanke, Geithner and Obama to stop telling me to NOT BELIEVE MY OWN EYES. I’m not a sheeple to be hypnotized by buckets of bullshit.

      At this point, I have decided that I will sleep when I am dead because any other way ain’t happening. Best to continue the insomniac’s rants.

  • I would like to suggest another one, all members of Congress are required by law to read all bills they vote on.

  • Bill Barnes -

    Stop all Islamic immigration and remove Muslims from America.

  • rocknrollnole -

    I was going to add several items but Kathy and Bill already have most of it covered.

    Sharia Law…BAD for America or any freedom loving nation. Legislate its ban from America. Remove all mosques until churches can be built and Christianity preached in muslim countries.

    • That’s an important one Rock – Sharia Law cannot and should not exist in this country. With the introduction of sharia law to our nation, Islam is being elevated (with it’s special requests and treatment) above all other religions.

      Sorry – Not In America!

  • californiapatriot -

    I can relate to not sleeping well (dreamed about the Clintons the other night 🙁 ). Worry about health coverage at some point.

    Regarding Republicans, they are the same as the democrats (both controlled by the elitists).

    I don’t worry about Muslims because the government is behind the influx (they already did that in the EU). I can’t stop it. We need to stop the government; that is our true enemy.

  • Love the rant! I’d like to add that hate speech in religious institutions that are tax exempt should be banned. For example, if there is hate speech against Jews in an American mosque via spoken word or text, it should stop or the tax exemption should be rescinded.

    Sorry to hear about the sleep thing. I can easily relate. The other night, I had a dream that I was screaming at Al Gore that he was a communist. LOL! Though you have a bag full of worries, the best way to deal with things is to take a break, get some rest and sleep, and approach things afresh. I know, easier said than done.

    Glenn Beck is taking some time off next week to get to the bottom of his physical issues. Hate hearing that. He’s been doing such a great job informing people about the progressives. When you’re talking any kind of neuropathy, that’s bad news. Sure wish him the best.

    Best to you and the family, DT!

  • You’ve got it all covered; the direness of our situation is still not clear to many Americans but it IS gaining clarity each and every day as the word continues to get out there.

    It was bound to happen; those upon whose shoulders fall the burden of knowledge and the duty to share it are the first to feel the effects of stress, and “stress” is a sickening understatement of what we are facing at present. We all suffer if one suffers; not only from compassion and empathy, but because if it can happen to one, or a million, it can happen to anyone and everyone, which it no doubt will, if it hasn’t already.

    The pain of being unable to help all those in need is stressful in itself. All we can do now is continue to support one another as best we can; continue to seek and speak the truth; keep our eyes open and meditate, pray and petition Higher Powers to sustain us all through this crisis; stay away from institutional, corporate food sources when possible, learn about natural healing and and keep working to survive.

    It seems precious little and woefully inadequate, but there it is, folks. May the Universe in all its grace shed its blessings and protection upon you all.

    And as always, DT, so many thanks for all you do for our country and its People.

  • Someone once said that if you give the federal government the power to determine the limits of its own powers, don’t be surprised if the powers of the federal government increase.

    This, I submit, is exactly what has happened. Since it was the several sovereign states that created the federal government, it should be the states that have the final say about which laws are constitutional.

    I envision some kind of Constitutional Commission consisting of constitutional scholars from each of the states. This commission would have the power to determine whether pending federal legislation is constitutional.

    Of course, many details would have to be worked out — qualifications, number and length of terms of the members, rules for interpreting the constitution, etc.

    The ultimate constitutional problem is how do we unwind the existing “unconstitutional infrastructure” (departments, agencies, and laws) and return our government to its intended constituional form? The sovereign states would also have to be drastically reorganized.

  • no-nonsense-nancy -

    Great piece, DT. We do need to get all of that accomplished. Thank you for all that you do. And do tary to getsome much neded rest and sleep!

    Lee M, please don’t give up on HOPE. We all need that to accomplish what DT has just pointed out to us. We ned faith and hope now more than ever.

    Dame, that was a great inspiration piece! Thank you for all that you do. God Bless America!!!

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