Balancing The Budget (When It Finally Is Written)

Considering Joe Biden stating “If I hear one more Republican tell me about balancing the budget, I am going to strangle them.”, I thought I would help out by posting a very interesting video about balancing the budget (when it is finally written) without raising taxes.

Dan Mitchell of the Cato Institute narrates this Center for Freedom and Prosperity video, and even the bottom third of the class will be able to understand it.

It’s Simple to Balance The Budget Without Higher Taxes

By Logistics Monster


  • no-nonsense-nancy -

    That is a really good video, DT. thanks. Even my non-financial brain was able to understand it. Why is it that the seemingly intelligent and sensible economists are never the ones in power? We need to get ALL of those jokers out of our government. It’s going to take years to clean up those houses of congress.

    • It will take decades of eternal vigilance, constant change in Congress to Constitutionalists, and riding the elected officials to do what is right and proper. NOBODY gets to go back to sleep ever again.

  • This video is one of the best examples of Occam’s razor that I ever remember, keep it simple and get it right.

    Nancy anyone who has ever had to balance a household budget could run this government better than the thieves in DC.

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