Obama/Clinton 2012 Ticket?

According to Bob Woodward being interviewed on CNN, an Obama/Clinton ticket in 2012 ‘is on the table‘. My question for my former democrat readers is would you vote for this ticket if Hillary is on it?  (Conservatives; try to keep the verbal abuse to a minimum please.)

By Logistics Monster


  • I wouldn’t vote for Obama no matter who was on the ticket. And, if Clinton joins the O’devil and his ship of fools, then she’s completely lost my respect.

    • Yes, what SF said. No way. That would solve nothing, and would only reinforce what we already know: the more qualified person would not be on top of the ticket.

  • Susiepuma -

    Ditto above comment……………………. she lost me as one of her supporters when she joined in the fraud’s crap………….. can’t do it – will never vote for another Dem – I don’t recognize my old party – brainwashed for too many years I guess….

  • I wouldn’t vote for either of these egomaniacs. When I think of how hard I worked for and pulled for Clinton in 2008, I believe I was in dire need of a brain transplant.

    Either one, Obama or Clinton, is enough to make a strong person weep. The two of them together is enough to make you commit hari-kari. I realize that the voting public has done some stupid things, but to elect the two of them? We’d be better off with Marx and Lenin. Or Laurel and Hardy. Come to think of it I’d prefer Laurel and Hardy.

    • How about Sherlock and Watson or Fred and Ginger. Almost anything is better than these two….except….watching a marxist fight it out with a globalist…I could sell tickets to this match.

      I’m thinking TPTB are kicking themselves for putting Obama in the WH considering they had a died-in-the-wool globalist on payroll – they must have expected her to double-cross them and instead he did.

  • red lemur -

    no globalist,progressives,f**k the un!
    whew that’s better and now little horsies to enhance the calm………..right!

  • red lemur -

    ok dt I hate being censored so ………….lets just say I’m less than enamoured with the conventional wisdom!
    got yer un right here!!!!!!!!!!

  • JasperCounty -

    Raised Democrat…converted to Republican. Nope, wouldn’t vote for a ticket that has either one running.

  • LetsHelpAmerica -

    Oh, dear!!
    I must fess up….. this former democrat campaigned for Hillary Clinton, met with her, sponsored rallies for her and spent many, many months aiding and abeting her candidacy! O’k…..go ahead……sue me!!Ha!!
    I learned much during my intense campaigning……much more than the democratic party had bargained for. Of course, I am not the only former democrat to come to her/his senses! To the credit of so many Independents and former democrats, many of us placed our values and integrity before party loyalty…..thus was born the P.U.M.A ( party loyalty my ass ) movement.
    I am NOT interested in party loyalty……I am interested in the welfare of my fellow citizens and the restoration of our Constitution!
    I would NEVER support a ticket with Hillary Clinton on it……and, needless to say, Obama. Hillary Clinton can never redeem herself after being a willing participant in the Obama administration. My research tells me that Hillary Clinton/ Bill Clinton are heavily involved in extreme left-wing/socialism……with and without our commander-in-thief , Obama.
    It is, without any hesitation, my duty to all my fellow citizens, to emphasize that party loyalty is folly. I was wrong at one point but with knowledge comes responsibility……and my only responsibilty is to my brothers and sisters and to restoring the integrity of our great country.

  • It would seem that tptb have not grasped the outrage of those who had supported Hillary. They had better take notice, it will not be the conservatives who sink that ship it will be all the former supporters.

    I was not a Hillary supporter but I will give her credit for getting so many former supporters to organize and report what they knew to be the truth. I honestly felt sorry for so many who where disappointed and who felt they had been duped by the one they worked so hard for. But as true Americans you took your anger and turned it into a positive and I for one thank you.

    If this is a trial balloon to see how this ticket goes over they won’t have to wait too long to get their answer.

  • Hillary (and many others) could have stopped Teh Won. She capitulated instead. In their horror, her supporters came to Logistics Monster and read about what she really represents.

    Need I say more?

  • Leaping Spark -

    Obama and Hillary are both Communist, the only difference between them is their gender and I not really sure about that.

    Palin, West 2012!

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