“The Flag Of Islam Will Fly Over The White House”

Just keep telling yourself that, Anjem.  (Pssst…nobody tell Anjem that there are more women in America the don’t believe in Islam or sharia law than property wearing burqas, and those infidels are armed…)

(H/T BB and StoryBalloon.org)

16 thoughts on ““The Flag Of Islam Will Fly Over The White House””

  1. I think it’s all a big distraction. While we worry about this, they are tightening down the screws on freedoms.

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  3. Never trust this White House. Never. The current alQaeda warnings are just reminders that we are still in bed with the gangsters, just as before. There are relationships throughout the world that show and prove that money and power go together and many of our wealthiest are in the crime syndicates, notably the US government. People may laugh at this, call it a conspiracy freakshow, but more and more Americans realize that 911 was an inside job. We don’t know all the details, but those buildings all came down as demolition jobs, not sequelae of the plane crashes. People choosing to “support” this president are in for some severe realizations. Then again, some fools will never learn. Don’t ever trust Obama, he’s poison.

    • BINGO! Truer words were never spoken. BEWARE the BOZO and everyone with whom he associates, quotes, everyone he appoints, employs and otherwise interacts.

      jus’sayin’…caveat emptor and all that…

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  7. We may not have the crescent moon and star flying over the white house, but we have a closet Muslim ruling there. Moderate Muslims are the creation of corrupt politicians trying to pander to the Muslims for votes. All Muslims (Moslems) believe they are destined to the rule the world and they will do it by the word or by the sword.

    Coming soon Sharia law and Communism?

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